HAUNTING FOR HELP? Evidence from Berwick, ME

We completed our evaluation of the audio recordings from our investigation in Berwick, ME on October 16, 2010. We found many EVPs for you to listen to. Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

Right-click on the audio links to download. For best results, headphones are recommended, and an audio application like Audacity can be used for offline playback. Also note that these clips may have been filtered or amplified. If you would prefer to hear them exactly as they were recorded, please let us know.

We once again utilized a voice box to hear responses in realtime, and the client was able to hear some responses as well. Analysis came back with even more than we initially thought. We were also able to hear multiple word responses in a number of the clips. Several have tempo or pitch adjustments at the end of the clip to make it easier to hear. We know what we heard – have a listen and let us know what you hear!

We asked if Jeannie was gone (the name came up from the medium):

      1. 01

Her friend?
We asked if Jeannie was her friend:

      2. 02

Further conversation
This came up after talking about Jeannie:

      3. 03

Why are you here?
This was the response to the above question. It is possibly a different spirit:

      4. 04

Do you want to get out of here?
These were the responses to asking the above question. We didn’t get a response when we asked, so we tried to help.

      5. 06

Do you play with the kids?
We asked if the spirit(s) played with the kids – we heard several responses:

      6. 08

We had just heard a response to another question, when this appeared in the recording:

      7. 10

Unexpected 2
We were talking about one of the voice recorders when this one showed up:

      8. 12

A Name
I had asked about other spirits, and said, “Are they outside?” This appeared 13 seconds later.

      9. 13

Say Hi!
We had brought Emily in from the shed area, and sat down. I asked them to say hi.

      10. 14

Feeling better?
I asked if Angie and Emily were both feeling better:

      11. 15

Where’s they go?
I had just noticed that the spirits at the dining room table had left the room:

      12. 16

You guys still in here?
I had just asked if Angie and Emily were still in the bathroom:

      13. 17

Asked again
I asked again if they were still there:

      14. 18

All in all, I thought the recordings were pretty impressive – I had a number of “holy shit!” moments when I originally listened. There was still so much more in the recordings; based on what I heard but could not filter, I think that the spirits in the room may have been conversing with one other at one point. As time goes on and we fine tune what we are doing with the voice box, we may yet be able to hear clearly and accurately everything that is being discussed between everyone, living and passed, and so everyone can hear it.

I can dream about it at least…

Hope you enjoyed them!


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