BARELY BREATHING – Home in New Britain, CT


We visited a house in New Britain, CT, where the residents were experiencing strange noises, feelings of another presence and other phenomena. This is the story of what occurred during our visit, based on our readings, observations and experiences. The mediums/sensitives had no prior knowledge of any of the spirits in the home. Or in this case, we don’t think we did.

Five years ago, GHPS visited a home in Manchester where there was some “questionable” activity going on. We visited several times, and had found a quite a few earthbound souls making residence inside and outside of the house. The group helped move them on, and we also found a portal upstairs where there were energies coming through. At the time, Paul and I did our best to close it.

Several months ago, we received a message from this same person (who I will refer to as “Marisa”), who had since moved to New Britain, Connecticut. Marisa was living with her boyfriend “Sam,” and was reporting banging doors and other strange phenomena. We arranged to visit her new home and see if we could help.

Angela and I arrived at the house; Lorraine was already there. Paul was delayed, so Lorraine and I walked around the premises while we waited. At the perimeter of the backyard at a wooded area, we noticed that there were many souls wandering around – I tracked one in particular that may have been checking us out as we were doing the same to them. No big deal we thought – we were in an area where there may have been a large Indian presence. Marisa would frequently walk through these woods in the evenings, and would usually see sparkles out of the corners of her eyes when she did so.

Paul finally arrived, and we then broke into teams – Paul and Angela in one team, and Lorraine and myself in the other. We each started on a different floor and did a walkthrough, identifying what we could. Once we had finished, we sat at Marisa’s kitchen table and discussed our findings.

Is something burning? Dad?

What we found was this: there was a earthbound man in the garage smoking a cigarette; another on a mattress and a beam of light from ceiling to floor in the attic; an undetermined energy in the master bedroom, and a soul-packed basement. During our walkthrough in the basement, Lorraine mentioned something about pot smokers. This sounded familiar to me but I couldn’t put my finger on it. We had done so many investigations with GHPS that at times they blurred together. And then it hit me:

This was the same client.

Marisa had reported having many unusual “experiences” since she was a child. We initially thought when we heard from her again that she simply attracts them; however we began to think that she may have been followed. Keeping this in mind, we thought it would be best to help cleanse her energetically and advise her on how to protect her home. I was hoping that this would minimize the activity, once we had helped the souls currently there to move on.

After giving Marisa some tips on cleanliness, Lorraine told Sam that she believed the spirit in the garage was his dad. Lorraine described him and Sam confirmed that the description was accurate – his father had been watching over him. We then moved into the living room, and Sam’s father joined us as Lorraine gave Sam messages from his father. It was actually quite relaxing – but we had other work to do.

Our first stop was the master bedroom. When Lorraine and I were in the room earlier, I was only able to detect an unidentified energy over the bed; now I was able to sense at least one spirit. Paul told the group that there were two separate energies entangled, which may have affected my ability to sense it correctly. And the next thing I heard from the group took me a bit off guard.

They were naked. In a compromising position.

Both Lorraine and Paul noted this was not your average happy couple enjoying an ‘eternal’ moment of passion – there was something else going on. Paul said that the man would probably leave with the smallest amount of prompting and was just kind of ‘there.’ But we figured out pretty quickly why he was there:

He was her client.

I sat down on the bed and told the man he could leave. Before I even had a chance to track him, he was gone. That left us alone with the woman on the bed. Paul and Lorraine told Angela and I that she was a drug addict, and had been selling her “services” to support her needs. Her parents had died at a very young age, and she had turned to drugs to cope. Unfortunately, this left her feeling terrible about herself which made it difficult for us to help; she truly didn’t think she was worthy enough to go.

Lorraine was able to see the marks on her arms from her addiction, and Paul proceeded to heal her as best he could. However, convincing her that it was okay to go was another story altogether. Lorraine started channeling this woman, and we began to have a conversation – it was obvious that she was suffering and in extreme emotional pain. Eventually, Paul was able to heal her enough that she started feeling better – she then exclaimed through Lorraine that the marks were now gone on her arms.

Finally, a light portal appeared in the room – directly over the bed. Lorraine told us that the woman’s parents were now at the other side of the light, waiting for her. Lorraine could feel a sense of relief coming from the woman, and that she was finally talking with her parents. We all felt that she was just about ready to go.

But there was one last thing she needed and would not go anywhere without: her dog.

She had her dog with her after a few moments, and left.


The rest of the main floor was pretty peaceful – there were the spirits of several children outside of one of the windows, but generally speaking, the energies felt pretty good.

But what about the basement?

What’s that smell down there, you crazy kids!

All six of us, including Marisa and Sam, went down into the basement – the space with the never-ending party. Both of our teams had determined earlier that there were spirits everywhere. I started talking to them, and let them know that we could help if they wanted. They wouldn’t have to go right away, but we could connect them with their guides who would assist no matter what their decision was about leaving. Lorraine could hear that many of them did in fact want to go. We asked them a number of questions, of which Lorraine was able to channel the answers. I looked over her shoulder as I asked, and she wrote down what she heard:

What is your name?
John, Marie, Ryan, Jack, Mark, Alison

Why are you here?
Been here for 20 years or more – we follow Marisa.

Are there any others like you here?
We are hundreds in number

Do you want to stay or leave here?
We like the surroundings, but we are open.

Do you have children?
The children are not ours, but they have a purpose.

What do you do for work?
We’re dead!

Are you angry or happy?
We don’t have to work or pay taxes, what do you think?

Do you know what year it is?
2015, almost 2016

This struck me as curious, as usually an earthbound soul will not know the year. I had only ever encountered this with a guardian, so I asked another question:

How do you know what year it is?
There are calendars in the house.

I had never thought of that, and immediately felt stupid.

Do you stay downstairs?
We are free to roam the house. But we stay out of two rooms.

I thought I knew but was wrong. It was the bathrooms. I didn’t feel quite as stupid this time.

Where were you from?
There are some of us from here. I grew up in Connecticut but Jack grew up in Massachusetts.

Since they were self-aware, I then asked the question that frequently gets me in trouble:

How did you pass?
Cancer of the pancreas, 2002
I was a teenager. I died in a car accident in 1969.

After I finished asking the questions, we were able to connect this group with their guides, and help them to go through. There were so many though, and Paul has sensed that the group that was “high” didn’t want to go with the ones that weren’t. So it was on to Round Two.

We connected most of the second group that wanted to move on with their guides – but not all. One younger woman in particular couldn’t see or hear hers, and Lorraine told us she really wanted to go – so I asked her to turn around and see if she could see someone with her. This didn’t work initially, but after a few moments she was able to connect with her guide – she then joined the rest and left. It appeared that the basement was now clear.

Or was it?

In all, we estimate we helped well over 100 souls connect with their guides and get home. But it did leave us wondering if more would be coming, no matter what we or Marisa did.


One month later, while Marisa was in the kitchen, her cat’s hair stood on end and the water bowl moved on its own…


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