HAUNTING FOR HELP? – Summary for Berwick, ME, Part 1

The team visited a home in Berwick, Maine on October 16, 2010, where the residents reported experiencing paranormal activity, including multiple and repeated apparitions. This is what we discovered during our visit, based on our readings, observations, recordings and experiences. The mediums had no prior knowledge of any of the spirits in the home or any of the reported activity.

It was 7 a.m. on a beautiful Saturday morning. The phone rang – the first call on our new GHPS phone number. Listening to the voice mail, it sounded like a desperate call for help.

It was.

A week later, we found ourselves shuffling around our schedule and heading to Maine. A family was suffering terribly and this was something that needed to be fixed – and quickly if possible.

With two cars carrying the team, we headed out early Saturday afternoon and made our way to the town of Berwick, Maine. As soon as we arrived at the client’s house, I was made aware of a spirit in the driveway – a younger girl. Following where she was going, she seemed to move back and forth between the driveway near a shed and the inside of the house. Darlene had already entered the home to conduct the pre-investigation interview.

As the rest of the team waited, it felt like this spirit was in some sort of distress. I could feel it in my stomach shortly after we arrived, but this had mostly subsided by the time Darlene finished the interview.

Darlene came out and of the house and asked us to come in

We entered the house, and it did not feel heavy or foreboding – in retrospect, I think the distressed spirit might have felt that we were there to help her, and had realized that as she listened to Darlene interview the client.

But we first had to find out why she needed our help.

I started scanning the house, and felt that this spirit was following me. She also seemed to follow Darlene – she had been accompanying me on the scan – and this spirit appeared to stay closer to her than to I. I was thinking that she was curious as to what we were checking.

As we went from room to room, her energy was the strongest, and I kept being directed to her. There was nothing else as strong as her, and so I kept checking. We headed into the basement, and decided to check in advance for a light that any spirits could pass through. I asked Paul to help, as he is also very sensitive to that particular kind of energy. As we checked the walls in the basement and garage, I found one location that seemed to have this energy, only to find it, as Paul described it, was only a crack.

No luck there.

Checking the rest of the basement, neither of us was able to locate the elusive place where we could pass this or any other spirit. So I decided to check that old standby, the one place where we almost always seem to find a light.

The bathroom.

Sure enough, it was there – behind the tub as usual. It wasn’t too strong yet, but I could feel it developing. Paul came into the room and confirmed it.

My scan did not come up with anything significant in any other room of the home, and as the spirit we located seemed to be following Darlene anyway, the team settled in and sat down at the client’s dining room table. We set up an IR video camera to record that part of the room, just in case we were able to capture something. Using a voice box made to hear spirits in realtime, we started asking the spirit questions. I took notes on what I was able to pick up, and the client was there as well to hear any responses on the voice box. I picked up on the name Angie, age around 10, and possibly a bit older. At first, I had heard the name Emily, but it didn’t feel right.

Why did I hear the name Emily, I asked myself.

While talking with Angie, I kept getting asked to help her. I was hearing “Help me,” and “help get out of here.” She wanted to go home, and I heard “can you help?”

We would try.

I asked her if she wanted help leaving, and I could hear “yes.” This was confirmed with the voice box, and the client heard it too.

What is you name? Emily? Angie.
Why are you here? Be (something indecipherable)
Are you waiting for something? Jeannie

I felt that Jeannie may not be there anymore, so I asked if Jeannie was gone.

Is Jeannie still here? Gone.
Was she your sister? No.
Was she your friend? Yes.

Do you want us to help you get out of here? Yes.

Darlene asked, “Have you seen a bright light anywhere in the house?”

I wasn’t able to tell what her answer was, so I asked her to go into the bathroom and see if she could see a bright light behind the tub. She came back and told us yes through the voice box. We each heard her response.

Originally I thought that it would be a good idea to pass her right then and there – however, one of our guest researchers said we should check and see if there was anyone else that she was waiting for.

She was right.

Darlene asked if there was anyone else here with her; we didn’t get a response on the voice box, nor did I pick up on anything. I then asked if there was anyone stuck with her. I was finally able to hear a “yes,” and asked if they were outside. I wasn’t able to hear an answer, so I asked again.

“Are they outside in the yard?”

Waiting to hear a response on the voice box, one of our researchers thought they heard a “no.” As I still hadn’t picked up on anything yet, I asked if this other spirit was in the house.

No answer.

Paul finally asked, “Are they in the shed?”

And then something clicked. Both Paul and I knew we had to check the shed area.

Were we onto the true reason that she was still here?

To be continued…


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