Medium/Sensitive, Webmaster

Michael became interested in the paranormal on a trip to a spiritualist church in Old Greenwich with his mother, sister, aunts and grandmother. He was amazed at the things the gentleman said there to his grandmother, at which point he learned that all of these relatives on his mother’s side were “sensitives,” (now carried on by his two nieces). He has been involved with investigating on and off since 2006, and has been working with talking boards since 1990 (with some assistance from his spirit guides, angels, and his brother). His goal in investigating is to help those that are stuck here to move on to where their soul group is waiting for them, so that they may continue on their spiritual path and ease any pain they may have. His dream is to help as many that are stuck find their way home.

Researcher, Sensitive

Currently working as a Medical Massage therapist with a Masters degree in Photochemistry, Paul started his psychic work as a teenager, reading palms. This developed into empathetic palm reading after he experienced the emotional grief from a client. Over time, Paul has developed a variety of touch-based psychic skills and mental techniques. He has taught psychic skill development.

Paul says, “I have occasionally sensed presences without there being a body nearby, and in my first ghost hunting experience an entity seemed to rush at me – everything went gray and cold. It seemed to want to feed off me, but I wouldn’t let it. I reversed the situation by grounding its energies and it fled, after which warmth and colors returned.”