THE TRACKER – Following Spirits

I’m not sure how this happened.

Nor am I sure if anyone else can do this.

Back in 2009, I was sitting at the dining room table in my house, using the talking board that I had inherited from my mother some years ago. It was a conversation with one of my guides, and I cannot remember just how it came about, but I found myself relaxing my head and neck.

And felt my head being pulled to the right.

It was curious to me. I kept it relaxed, and then felt my head being pulled to the left.

I asked my guide, and found out I was following a spirit. Or to be more accurate, tracking its movements.

My first thought: Cool. My second: Oh, shit.

I had no idea whether it was something that would stay with me, or would just dissipate after I got up from the table. Either way, I still thought that it was pretty amazing that I was able to track anything, even if only for that moment, and then realized that if this was not just a one-time thing, the ramifications could be enormous.

It stayed.

Over the course of the next few weeks, it felt like I had a new toy. As a child, when I would get a new toy, I had the habit of playing with it until I either broke it or took it apart without being able to put it back together again. I wasn’t about to begin a career in brain surgery, so I did the next best thing – I played with this newly found ability, over and over. At home and in public. At least I didn’t break it – but I discovered its one flaw.

Earthbound spirits can see you looking at them when you track them.

About three weeks after my first experience tracking, I was standing in a donut shop waiting in line, when I decided to see if there were any spirits mulling around. Sure enough, there was a spirit standing to my left. I looked right at where it was standing. After about a minute, it moved to the other side of the shop, to my right. I followed it. After that, the spirit kept going back and forth – and it was at that moment that I realized it knew I was watching him.

I grabbed my coffee and headed to the car. With the spirit in tow.


I was in the habit of checking the car for spirits at that point, so I knew there was nothing in the car when I pulled into the donut shop – as I was leaving however, there was something in the back seat. I started thinking to myself, if I was an earthbound spirit, and no one could see or hear me, and all of a sudden someone started watching me move around, what would I do?

I’d probably follow me too.

Fortunately, I pulled next to a shuttle bus at a traffic light and he got out. I believe he got in the bus, as that was where I seemed to track him.

That was the last time I tracked in public.

– – –

On our first investigation with GHPS since DIST (date I started tracking) – at Hammonasset State Beach in Connecticut – I was led to where there was a distressed spirit, about a quarter mile away from where our team was parked. Crystal was with us at the time, and she was able to confirm this spirit’s presence at this spot. We successfully moved this spirit along – and a second one underwater to which I was pointed as well – and I began to realize just how helpful this ability was. Just the fact that I could tell where the ghosts were was something that I thought would be indispensable in both ghost hunting and earthbound spirit release.

But something started bothering me – why had I had never heard of this before? Was there anyone else with this ability? Could anyone do this? Was I a freak? I started to look for information on the Internet – anything even remotely connected to tracking spirits – and came up empty-handed. After about two months of searching, I finally gave up – I decided to just accept it. Maybe someday, I will find someone else that has this strange yet interesting gift, but I’m not worried about it.

– – –

So by now, you’re probably asking, “How does it work?” It’s pretty simple. I like to think of it as if my head is a magnet, and the earthbound spirit is a piece of metal. Like a compass is attracted to magnetic north, my head is pointed to the spirit. Even when the spirit is moving, I am able to detect changes in their position, and I am also able to approximate height. I don’t need to ground myself, hell, I don’t even need to think – it just works. The only exception to this is when I have been tracking during an investigation over the course of many hours – I just get tired.

Since this started five years ago, I have had my tracking confirmed numerous times with outside parties by clairaudient communication (hearing), clairsentient communication (feeling), and previously reported unexplained occurrences, each in the locations where I had tracked the spirit energy. As of right now, I’m well into the hundreds of spirits that I have been able to identify their locations and movements, many of which we were able to help.

To this day, I still have a hard time believing it’s real. It kind of blows my mind. And as long as my brain doesn’t explode, I’ll be okay with it.


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