Summer Solstice in Binghamton (or how a Goddess Saved my Ass)


Summer solstice 2015. In a wet and rainy field outside of Binghamton, NY, a large group of people gather to celebrate the beginning of the next season. Gongs, drums, food, cheer and joy still rang throughout the property, in spite of the weather and Mother Nature’s other intentions.

We arrived late.

Jeff, the property owner, was kind enough to tell us about the various energetic anomalies and entities that inhabited the hill and pond area that made up the property. Patty (my energy partner) and I visited an area that had laylines; I unfortunately was unable to detect them. We returned to the area with the gongs and drums under a tent, and proceeded to have a nice conversation with some of the guests including two members of Patty’s Susquehanna Aiyou tribe. I’m not quite sure where and when I heard it, but there was a mention of a Native American tribe up on the hill.

And that’s where the trouble began.

Proceeding out of the tent, I looked to the hill where the tribe would patrol. It was not a surprise that I could track them moving across the land from left to right. What was a surprise was when they all started moving toward me. My thought was that this was curious, however that was quickly replaced by concern. As I stood there, trying to figure out what was going on while attempting to track them; I found myself going in circles.

I was surrounded. By an invisible Indian tribe. On a hill. In the rain.

Quick, summon the goddesses!

Once I realized what was happening, I called out to my energy partner and goddess, Patty, and I said something that I never in this lifetime thought i would say: “I think I’m surrounded by Indians.”

Courageously, she quickly came over to where I was standing and put up a wall of defense. She used some very colorful words as she told them to leave her friend alone. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to work – now both of us were being circled. She then called out to Jaclyn and Amanda, the two members of her Aiyou in attendance who came over – and all three strategically positioned themselves in an effort to protect me. Jaclyn and Amanda also called upon their inner jaquire to assist.

Patty then felt something physically push hard against her shoulder blades as they were trying to get the tribe members to leave me be. There had been no one physically behind her when this was happening. Patty was jolted for a split second, but quickly regained her stance. She held firm against them, as did the other two goddesses, and the tribe retreated.

I could tell that there was still at least one tribe member to the left of me after that, hiding just outside of the rear tent wall, but it still seemed as any potential danger had been averted.

All returned to business as usual, and we had a very pleasant conversation in the tent while listening to the gongs. Things were starting to wind down now, and one by one the gongs were packed up and moved out of the tent. Patty and I then went to our host’s home down the hill to say thanks for the evening and to tell them about what happened.

We didn’t get too far.

What did I do wrong this time?

Stephanie, one of the mediums that had been visiting, came into the house and made it clear she needed to talk to me about the tribe. Initially it felt confrontational, and she asked about my work assisting earthbound spirits pass to the other side. I told her it isn’t anything done without permission or with force. “You offended the Indians,” she said as she pointed a finger at me.

She then proceeded to tell us what really happened.

Sometime between my last visit to the area several weeks ago and the solstice, the spirit of a blind girl attached herself to me; she was using my eyes to see, and also had a habit of stabbing people; she was a little hellion. Apparently the Indians saw this and came down to retrieve her – so as we were trying to fight them off, they were actually trying to help this girl, and in doing so, help me as well. Oops.

Shots fired

The conversation continued with Stephanie, and she made it clear that we would have to make amends with the Indians. It would have to be either tobacco or whiskey – as there was no tobacco to be found, a shot of Jack Daniels would be the answer.

A shot was poured. Patty and I then grabbed an umbrella, and made our way back up the soggy hill to where the tribe was, being very careful not to spill or drink the shot. Once at the tent, Patty leaned down and poured the whiskey onto the grass, and I could track one of the tribe members leaning down to it. We bowed, and left without incident.


A day later, I started thinking about my stabby female friend. Since my first visit several weeks ago to Binghamton, I had noticed a spirit directly behind my left shoulder more than once as I would walk down an alleyway that leads from my apartment. I didn’t think anything of it at the time, as it happens occasionally and as long as I don’t track them, it’s not usually an issue. However, I then remembered that there was something similar happening in my car as well – a spirit was outside of the car but felt just as close. I even noticed that my eyes looked a bit off once or twice, but I wrote that off as just being extremely happy. I never added all these incidents together.

All in all, I think this was one of the coolest experiences I have had yet. But next time, I really should learn to ask questions when encountering a charging band of angry natives – and thankfully there are no buffalo in Binghamton.



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