Deep River Public Library II – EVPs Part 1

We evaluated some of the audio recordings from our latest investigation at the Deep River Public Library on September 16, 2010. We found numerous EVPs for you to listen to. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. For more EVPs from Deep River, check out Part 2.

Right-click on the audio links to download. For best results, headphones are recommended, and an audio application like Audacity can be used for offline playback. Also note that some of these clips may have been filtered or amplified. If you would prefer to hear them exactly as they were recorded, please let us know.

Even though our full audio analysis is not complete, we wanted to share some of the unexplained electronic voice phenomena that we have found so far. As we were listening to the section recorded in part of the attic, it seemed that after almost every question, something unexplainable could be heard.

During these EVP sessions, we utilized a voice box in order to potentially hear responses in realtime. Several of the following EVPs include responses that we heard at the time, but many were discovered (or understood) only after the audio was analyzed.

In each of the following recordings, the phenomena is at the end of the audio, and the accompanying question/statement precedes it. In many of them, the phenomena is repeated several times for clarity. Also, there are several that the unexplained sound has been slowed down at the very end, again for clarity. For example, in the recording asking if it was the spirit’s house, after slowing down the EVP, it became very clear that what was being said was not what we had originally believed. You’ll see what we mean when you listen. We also removed much of the background noise as well.


All of the below EVPs were recorded in the attic:

      1. Talking in the attic to the library manager

      2. Asking if the spirit was in pain

      3. Asking if the spirit was married

      4. Asking if the spirit was alone

      5. After asking what kind of car the spirit drove

      6. After asking what model of car

      7. After asking if the spirit knew what town they were in

      8. After asking how old the spirit is

Don’t forget to check out Part 2 when you’re done!


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5 thoughts on “Deep River Public Library II – EVPs Part 1

  1. Well, I don’t have headphones, so I couldn’t make out many words (though I am impressed that there were so many responses!) After listening to you ask what town the spirit is in, though, it takes my breath away. It’s just chilling from head to toe. Goosebumps. Whew.

  2. I definitely hear “likewise!”, when you say “good to see you again”, and “Yes, sir”, when you ask if she is married. When you ask the age, it sounds like “six”, however, which is a bit young to be married.
    None of the others really sound that clear to me. The town one that so many people mention is not so clear to me. Does she say “Essex”? The others I mention are much clearer, to me.

  3. Those were what I heard as well. We usually don’t say what we hear, and let the listener say what they heard. If they hear the same thing, it’s the best!

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