Michael’s Musings – Dec 4, 2010

Life During Lunchtime

This is the first of a feature that I will be writing periodically – covering what’s going on with me (when I’m not watching Stargate or Fringe), and the adventures of GHPS. The idea is to keep everyone out there amongst the intertubes informed, but most importantly, it will help me remember my name and where I’ve been…

So what’s going on? Just to catch up, this past summer I took an advanced mediumship class with James Van Praagh at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY, which turned some of what I knew about mediumship on its head. Since then, I have been doing readings for people and surprising myself with what I have been able to channel. This is different than communicating with ghosts, as these spirits have already crossed over. I hope it becomes something that I can eventually do full-time. Part of this work involves being a member of a development group – every week, five of us mediums work on channeling and passing along messages from loved ones to improve our abilities. We also focus on confirmation. Our group been doing this for several months now, and my clairaudience (hearing what spirit says) has vastly improved – to the point that this last Tuesday, I was able to hear a first and last name, along with a nickname, and had it immediately confirmed. What really threw me was that the last name was a rather complicated Italian last name, and I nailed it perfectly. Wow…

So much for my own growth – what about GHPS? Currently, we are going over evidence from Sprague, CT and will be posting EVPs once that is complete. Part 2 of  the Wethersfield summary will be posted shortly, and I have at least 15 EVPs to post from that investigation. We have been using a new EVP device, the RT-EVP from DAS Distribution, and have had quite a bit of success with it. As far as what’s coming up, we plan on returning to Berwick, ME as the client’s daughter is now seeing something that may have been following her and wasn’t there when we visited; a return trip to one of the locations in Manchester, CT; and several new investigations, including one referred to us by my cousin in Rhode Island.

We’ve had a number of people ask us some questions that I’d like to cover:

What’s going on with The Chance? Why don’t you have any summary posted?
The Chance is a special long-term project that we have to keep fairly tight-lipped – we don’t want to reveal too much about it. There will be more information about this coming soon, so forgive us for being quiet on this one.

What the heck is the light? Can you explain?
We believe it’s a tunnel – a gateway or portal back to the spirit world. It feels like energy, and though we can’t visually see it, we can feel its presence and can usually tell where it is intuitively. I’ll cover this more in a later post.

Do you always cross over ghosts?
This is another question that I will cover more in a later post – but the long and short of it is this: we only cross over earthbound spirits (ghosts) with the permission of the client; we don’t even mention the light if the client doesn’t want them to leave. This includes haunted locations where the management depends on a haunted reputation to maintain their business.

Do you have the right to cross them over?
We believe we do – it’s not like we can do it without the spirit actually wanting to. Yes, we do explain what the process is like and what the benefits are, but my personal belief is that crossing over to the spirit world is the natural order of things. We just help to restore that order. Sometimes the universe needs a little help from us lowly humans…

So, that’s about it for now.

Til next time,
Wait – who am I again?

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