GRAVE INJUSTICE – Binghamton, NY Part 2


This is Part 2 of our visit to the Binghamton State Hospital cemetery. For best results, we recommend reading Part 1 first.

Gathering our thoughts, we moved towards the center of the cemetery to help the second group of earthbound souls. Standing by yet another group of trees, I noticed something that I thought was very peculiar – the branches grew straight up. They seemed to resemble prison bars.

Repeating what we had done with the last group, I started the meditation, as Patty and Orion focused on helping with healing energy. Off to our left, Patty was able to see where a light portal had opened up – it was a group of trees in a triangle, and the portal was visible to her between two of them. I finished the meditation to connect the souls that were present with their guides, and they left as they had done at the previous spot.

All three of us were now totally drained.

We decided to call it a day, even though there was more left to do. It felt like a huge success – our first attempt to assist multiple souls in this way was apparently working. As we were walking towards the dirt trail that lead from the cemetery area to the car, Patty noticed a red tailed hawk feather on the ground – this felt like a good sign from our guides that we were on the right track and doing the right thing.

The return…

Back in Connecticut, I kept getting this nagging feeling that we needed to go back soon and finish what we started – I could not shake it. I made the arrangements return to Binghamton as soon as I could. So two weeks later, Patty, Orion and I went back. We arrived at the trailhead of the cemetery and exited the vehicle after a stop at Starbucks (a prerequisite for any earthbound soul movements). After Orion cleansed us from any negative energies, we headed down the trail to the cemetery area. On the right, we noticed something that we hadn’t on our previous visit – a stone barbecue pit. We stopped to look and began sensing, of all things, a barbeque happening – with many souls in attendance. We made a note of it, and planned on assisting them on our way out.

cornWe reached the bridge right before the cemetery, and the land guardian was still present at the bridge. Bringing fresh corn as an offering, we laid it on the side of the bridge as thanks. Patty decided it was best to walk around him this time and not through him. Continuing into the cemetery, Patty noticed there were fewer land guardians along the perimeter – this was later confirmed by Patty’s Shamanic instructor. We proceeded up the hill without much effort or thought – it only struck us once we reached the apex that the heaviness and resistance we felt on our last visit had dissipated. Had we been responsible for this?

Walking across the cemetery lawn and passing the broken grave markers, we returned to where we had last assisted the earthbound souls in their journey – the entire area felt so much lighter than it had before. We only had to do one round of assisting souls at this spot – there had seemingly been much gossip amongst the remaining souls since our last visit, that it became quite busy very quickly. I called as many as we could to join from the other end, and waited for a few minutes to make sure all that wanted to leave had reached where we were standing. I read the meditation, and souls started to depart. Patty was seeing a vision of an older woman pulling another, and was hearing “C’mon Elva, they’re going to leave without us!”

Elva did leave with the rest.

The portal then closed down and we left the upper part of the cemetery.


portal_treesHeading back towards the trail, we wanted to give any remaining souls an opportunity to leave with our assistance. We stopped on the hill, in the area right in front of where the first graves were located.

I did the meditation, Orion worked on giving everyone extra energy, and Patty determined where the portal would be. Surprise – it was between two trees once again. The souls remaining connected with their guides, and the portal closed up fairly quickly after these few went through.

hawkJust as we were finishing up, I saw a flash of light out of the corner of my eye. I looked to my left and saw a hawk, gliding about 2-3 feet off of the ground over the cemetery lawn. He touched down about 30 feet from us as he grabbed his prey, and settled into the woods at the edge of the property. It seemed like yet another good sign. We then left the cemetery to head back to the car, but we had one more stop to make.

The barbeque pit.

Late for the party…

barbequeWe spent about 10 minutes assisting these partygoers – we couldn’t tell what was on the grill, but Patty could tell that a number of them did want to leave. So one last time for the day, we made the guide connection for them. After a few of the souls started to leave, the party seemed to break up – the others may have felt it was time to go as well and they joined them.

So the party was over. It did make me wonder however if spirits experience hangovers.

We arrived back at the trailhead, politely requested that any remaining energies stay out of the car as there was no room, and left.

In all, we were told we helped 93 souls get back to their loved ones.


As we were leaving, we decided to stop and walk to the side of the main hospital building for a moment. As Patty looked up, she saw a face move in one of the windows. Twice.



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