Michael’s Musings – August 11, 2015

Life During Lunchtime

This a feature that I write sporadically periodically – covering what’s going on with me (when I’m not watching something mundane), and my cohorts adventures in the world of spirit. The idea is to keep everyone out there amongst the intertubes informed, but most importantly, it will help me remember my name and where I’ve been…

So, it’s been about what, five years since I posted one of these? Seems timely to me.

A lot has transpired in a short amount of time – my sensitivities have increased, the circle of like-minded friends (wink to Facebook!) around me has become much larger, and I’ve mostly cleaned up my act, so to speak. I am surrounded by many wonderful and talented people that support me and my endeavors. In return, I do what I can for them, but my efforts pale in comparison to what they have provided me. My heart goes out to each and every one of them.

Some updates on previous posts and other notes:

  • I am not the only one that can detect where earthbound spirits are – a goddess I’ve referred to before (a.k.a. Patty) is able to visually see where they are. This has become more and more evident as time goes on – she also sees other various energies, which leads me to…
  • I’m now able to detect other energies than earthbound. This surprised the shit out of me (not literally – that would be rather messy) – back in Patty’s office after the trip to Lily Dale, there was a very tall spirit that I was able to see with my not-so-normal “spidey sense.” As it turned out, it was an angel, but I did not know it at the time. Which then leads to…
  • I’m back in a development circle with several of the same members from my first one years ago. During the last session, Lorraine (the chief banana of the group, only not as yellow) led a meditation where I saw unbelievably clear a very large figure of a man (or slightly resembling one) – I did not tell Lorraine, but then she told me, and described the man-figure. After inquiring further, it was the angel that I saw in the previous bullet point, er, Patty’s office.
  • Back to the second bullet point and a bit of the third (having fun yet?) – at the circle, for the first time, I could feel the presence of a non-earthbound spirit (not a angel either), off to the left shoulder of one of the circle participants.
  • From the fourth, to the second and back to the third bullet point – on the talking board, I’m now also able to communicate with those that are not earthbound or spirit guides. Apparently since my energies are getting clearer and more robust (really Michael, robust?), the frequencies at which I can channel are expanding. There has been a lot of work to get there, but I truly have to thank the goddess the most for this…
  • Finally, I apologize for digressing about bullet points. (Anyone notice that if you change the “b” in bullet to an “m”, it becomes “mullet?” Wouldn’t have thought that if I hadn’t looked in the mirror this morning.)

So anyway, that’s about it for now. Circle is this weekend, and I will be leading it for the first time. And I’ll try to remember that there are five lights seven chakras. Or eight. At least I think there are…





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