A Quaint Conversation with a Monk, Part 3

monk_pt3DISCLAIMER: Below are some of the words that come across a spirit (talking) board. They, as any messages on a spirit board, are subject to possible wild inaccuracies and interpretation by the operator. But it’s interesting nonetheless.

This is Part 3 of our encounter with the monk. For best results, we recommend reading Part 1 and Part 2 first.

So why was this monk still here, and refusing to leave? It seemed odd that the only reason he was staying was to stop us, especially considering that he was around long before we started helping earth bounds. Nor until recently had he reared his possibly bald head. (I really don’t really think they are all bald). Patty had mentioned to me earlier a term I had never heard of – self-flagellation. This is the process of monks physically harming themselves and was a common practice for the fervently religious. I had asked this monk previously if there was anything wrong that he had been doing, and said he said no – I had taken him at his word.

Well, apparently that was not completely true.

We had been at this for around 20 minutes or so, and Patty asked if this was something he had been doing.

He answered very hesitantly, and finally responded with the answer of “yes.” And now it made sense to us. We guessed that the reason he did not want to leave, and his fear of what he may have felt was a posse after his soul, was due to his confusion of whether or not it was something he should have been doing.

The monk told us he will get in trouble. He felt his his days at the monastery were bad because he did not head the advice of God, and was careless. He was still feeling the pain after death. We sympathized with him and told him God is a loving God; not one that would hurt or punish him for his actions here on earth.

“You want to help?” said the monk, very surprised after he had bared his soul to us. Reassuring him that there would be no punishment from God or any other deity, and reminding him that there were others waiting for him, he finally relented. We both gave a sigh of relief.


…his cohort, Father Harry, came through. Father Harry was an older Irish Catholic Priest, and his brogue came through loud and clear. Using the same approach, Patty asked if she needed to summon the deities once again on his behalf. She was on a roll.

Very quickly came “No need” from Father Harry. “You awe me with your tenacity.”

Patty responded with “It’s the same tenacity many have when they are following their faith. Nothing more.” He agreed.

He then asked us, “I’m trying to find my (dead) family – will you help?”

Now the conversation had now gone from crazy to bizarre. An Irish Catholic Priest just asked us for help in finding his dead family. At that point, we had now heard almost everything. I graciously explained to him that we could help him get in touch with his guides, and they would indeed connect him with his family in heaven. After doing so, Father Harry returned with God speed.


The following day, I asked my guides about what had happened the previous night. I was told that the monk had to escorted away by the deities that Patty had summoned. And was told that he would be fine after all, ending the monk’s long and strange trip that took him from Canada to Whitman, MA, from Manchester to Trumbull and Milford, CT, and finally back to his loved ones.


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