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Photo courtesy of susansgardenpatch.com
Photo courtesy of susansgardenpatch.com

Disclaimer: Use of a spirit board can be risky.

Some time ago, I posted an article about the use of talking boards. Since then, I have learned quite a few things that have made it easier for me to use, and able to be used on a more regular basis than before. Previously, I would find that the more I would use it, the more difficult it would be to receive accurate information. I wasn’t entirely sure why, but my suspicions were that something was trying to come through that would interfere with communication with my guides.

I was right.

Usually, in the past when this would happen, I would basically abandon using the board for up to months at a time, so whatever spirit or energy disruption would give up or dissipate. Inevitably it seemed, the next time I would use it all would be back to normal, and I would recognize my guide’s energies when using the planchette. However, several things have changed since then:

1. I can now tell when there is a spirit in the room
2. I have asked my guides to keep anything from entering the room permanently, unless specifically stated otherwise.
3. I have learned that cleansing the board helps.

As it is with doing soul rescuing on-site, sometimes it can be difficult to help them move on (see here). Doing this on a spirit board can be equally difficult – the difference is when you are trying to have a conversation on a talking board, spirits can have a habit of interrupting your conversation. This can not only be confusing, but can also give you bad info, indigestion, and a sudden urge to hurl the board across the room. Obviously, that last item is not advisable.

However, all is not lost. If you have followed the protocols in my last article on the subject, and you follow items 2 and 3 above (and item 1 if you’re either very lucky or unlucky, depending on your view), this seems to minimize the amount of “crosstalk,” and if you handle it correctly, you can be on your merry channeling way once again. (Reminder: your mileage may vary of course!)

Here’s what I do – I let them come through, and help them move on. But how, you may ask?

Look! Up in the sky! Um, no thank you.

Just as we have guides, so do earthbound spirits. And those guides are there to assist in any way they can, including helping us all cross over. Unfortunately, just as we can have communication issues with those around us, so can spirits and their guides. A few examples of some encounters I’ve had on the board:

1. A man from the 1600s was ready to go, but was terrified to go through the light, up into the sky. Why not go by walking into the light? His guide apparently didn’t know how to do that. Go figure.

2. A spirit from the 80s didn’t want to talk to his guide because he didn’t like their voice, and their guide was stubborn and wouldn’t bend either.

In these cases, the spirits showed up while I was trying to communicate with my guide – my guide and I have a specific sequence we go through on the board before starting (just to make sure I know it’s him – it’s not foolproof but it’s worked so far). The sequence would never complete, so I knew something was up. In both cases, I thought I had broken my brain.

Patience, patience and patients

Fortunately, in both cases (well, it took a few days on one of them), I realized my brain was (mostly) normal and I had an idea of what was going on. Being the amateur therapist that I am, and not needing a license to practice with spirits (legislation pending), I allowed each one through and was able to slowly communicate – you just have to feel your way through the conversation, and ask them to allow you or your guide to communicate with their guide. It can take a bit lot of patience to get to that point, as you may have to convince them to do so. If you manage to do it, your guide and theirs can discuss moving them through. In case number 1, I asked my guide to assist in creating a light at ground level. His guide was then able to help him through. Done!

Oh no, I did actually break my brain!

Unfortunately, there may be a case where you cannot reason with the spirit (not counting the cases when you didn’t heed the warnings. Yes, heed the warnings. Let me repeat that – heed the warnings.). This is where cleansing the board comes in, and is a great practice in general.

I now store the board in a paper bag when not in use – I sprinkle sea salt around it, and keep it in a dark closet. This supposedly clears the excess energy from the board and reduces its “luminance.” Does it actually do that? I don’t have that kind of electrical meter handy to verify it, but in my experience a spirit trying to communicate through it will move on – or at least they will eventually. There are also other things you can do to cleanse the board, such as drawing a cross on the back of it with something whose name I can’t remember at the moment.


There is always a chance that something you don’t like may come through, but most times it’s just someone trying to communicate that would like some help. If you can, try to do so and always ask your guides for help if you need it – that’s why they’re there.

Just make sure you follow the rules, ask your guides to keep your space clear, keep the board clean, and follow the rules.

Did I say follow the rules? Just wanted to make sure…


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