EVIL IN THE BEDROOM? EVPs from Wethersfield, CT

Here is the first set of EVPs that we were able to capture at our investigation in Wethersfield, CT on November 6, 2010. For best results, headphones are recommended, and an audio application like Audacity can be used for offline playback, as well as Windows Media Player, iTunes or QuickTime. Also note that these clips have been filtered and/or amplified. Unmodified clips are available by request.

Let us know what you think you hear, and we’ll let you know what we heard!

1 – Introducing and explaining

When starting to explain why we were there, a response was recorded. Filtered, tempo adjusted on last clip

2 – Tell us what your name is

Darlene asked what the spirit’s name was, and a response was recorded. Last clip filtered and amplified.

3 – What’s you name?

Michael asked what the spirit’s name was. We believe this was the spirit under the bed that we discovered later. Last clip filtered and amplified.

4 – What does evil mean to you?

After Michael asked what evil means to the spirit, we picked up several responses. Filtered, last clip amplified.

5 – How old are you?

Vic asked the spirit how old they were. Filtered.

6 – Yes, how old?

Michael felt he heard “how old?” being asked at the time. Filtered; last clip amplified.

7 – Tell us again, how old?

Michael asked for the spirit to say again how old they were. Filtered.

8 – Do you follow Maggie?

Darlene asked if the spirit followed Maggie around the house. Filtered.

9 – Why do you want to torment?

In this clip the EVP comes first – the recorder picked up something, and Michael asked why they wanted to torment. Filtered; last clip amplified.

10 – Do you want to leave this house?

Darlene asked if the spirit wanted to leave the house. The recorder picked up a number of responses. Filtered; last clip amplified with space removed.

11 – Do you have children?

Darlene asked if the spirit had children. Filtered.

12 – Would you like to see your children?

Darlene asked if the spirit wanted to see their kids again. Filtered; last clip amplified.

13 – Do you know what year it is?

The group was discussing whether native Americans would know years and dates; Darlene asked if the spirit knew what year it was. Several responses were recorded. Filtered, both end clips amplified.


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