GRAVE INJUSTICE – Binghamton, NY, Part 1

bgh1_6x2In 1854, Dr. Edward Turner presented his plan to New York State legislature, for a ‘thoroughly organized hospital’, to be called “the United States Inebriate Asylum for the Reform of Poor and Destitute Inebriates.’ The charter was approved later that year, and by 1864 the first patients were admitted.

My interpretation: a place to be locked up when you’re drunk and broke.

Even though the Inebriate Asylum did not last long, the building became a hospital for the “chronically insane” in 1881. Any time you have a mental health facility, you are bound to have fatalities – either due to old age, medical conditions or just plain boredom. Hence, there is a need to humanely take care of them after they pass. But unfortunately, not before in many cases.

The result? Disembodied spirits – confused, angry and most likely still mentally ill.

Patty believed that her great Aunt Virginia was buried at this cemetery, so at her suggestion, we thought this would be the perfect place to try out a new technique that we had discovered:

Let their guides help.

The idea was simple: assist each earthbound soul so they can communicate with their guide. It struck us that since all of our guides are here to help, they might be able to assist earthbound souls to get home. While we are physical beings, it’s generally impossible to see them on our own, except in meditation. But can you see them if you’ve already died?

Apparently so.

I tried this at home (note: don’t try this at home) with earthbound souls, and it seemed to work. Of course, now that the word has spread, they seem to line up outside my windows. As my apartment is protected, they usually wait patiently for me to assist. So far, I’ve helped over 150 of them from the comfort of my desk. The best part about this method is, if they are not ready to go yet, they are at least able to communicate with their guides – who will assist them when they are ready. And they are no longer alone.

But how would this work with a group of tortured souls? As I’ve written before, they usually stay in the same emotional and mental state as they were when they passed. Thus, you can imagine what their state would be after spending so much time in an asylum.

Not good. And you could feel it.

Orion, Patty and I ventured into this small but well-groomed cemetery for our first visit. As we headed down the path, a small bridge appeared ahead – Patty was seeing what appeared to be land guardians. Her impression was that they were large, stocky and may have been Native Americans. As we passed over the bridge, she inadvertently walked through one of these land guardians and became dizzy. Turning back to see, I detected the energy of something standing on one of the sides of the bridge. As the energies felt safe and protective, we moved on.

Once past the bridge, we made our way up this hill to the main cemetery area. Patty was now seeing more land guardians lined up along the tree line. The air was thick, and all three of us could feel this resistance in the air as we approached the grave markers. Many of the markers were in pieces, and the feeling was far from comfortable.

We decided to start at the farthest point of the cemetery and work our way back towards the entrance. Once we reached the back of the cemetery, we found a small wooded area. This was where we all felt it would be best to start with our experiment. Calling in as many souls as we could to this area, both Patty and I felt their presence. The feeling of discomfort started to kick in, but less than I had expected. I started to explain verbally that we could help them if they wanted to leave, and that they had their guides with them – but were not able see them.

I then told them that if they followed our directions, they could each see their guides and those guides would help them. But in order to do that, they would have to join in a short meditation.

It appeared that most, if not all agreed. Asking if they could see their guides, both Patty and I were able to hear at least some of them respond yes. While giving the souls and their guides a few minutes to get acquainted, Patty indicated that she could tell where the light portal was for them to pass through – it was between two other trees off to the right of the wooded area. She also heard one of the souls say “I’m here, Aunt Virginia’s here.”

I was now thinking, “Wow, this may actually work.”

And it did. One by one, the earthbound souls started moving toward this light portal – it made me a bit dizzy as I was attempting to track them, but eventually most of the spirits in the immediate area moved through.

Except for one.

In front of the wooded grove, there was an extremely distressed soul huddled on the ground. With Orion observing, Patty and I could feel that this spirit was in pretty bad shape. We tried to help by giving her some healing energy – both of us held our hands over where we identified her energy was situated. Eventually, we were able to get her to stand up on her own – once she was up, it wasn’t long before she too went through the light.

Orion, Patty and I stopped, looked at each other with satisfaction, and sighed a bit of relief. One group done. Patty said that the area felt so much lighter than it had when we started, and both Orion and I agreed – it did feel completely different. After checking with our guides later that evening, we found out that we had just helped around 27 souls get home.

But we weren’t done yet…

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