A Quaint Conversation with a Monk, Part 1

DISCLAIMER: Below are some of the words that come across a spirit (talking) board. They, as any messages on a spirit board, are subject to possible wild inaccuracies and interpretation by the operator. But it’s interesting nonetheless.


So, as those of you that read this site probably already know, I do a fair amount of communication on the spirit board. Recently, I found my communication was being interrupted but wasn’t quite sure why. With the board, it can be almost anyone or anything – another earthbound, not cleansing or grounding enough (again!), or something I ate. In this case, it did turn out to be another earthbound spirit. Last week, I started conversing with this entity, and they were very insistent that I stop all of my spirit communication, as it was the “devil’s work.” Connecting this person with their guides, angels or even sharing our non-existent latest brochure did not seem to work. Thankfully, some guides were coming through after our discussion.

This past Friday, after our biweekly development circle in Trumbull, CT, Lorraine and I went to assist a few souls in their journey – three teenagers and a man who was observing our activities throughout the evening. Seemed easy enough, but as I should expect by now, you never know what can happen.

Well, something happened.

In the middle to the guide connection meditation, Lorraine exclaimed “Stop!”


She proceeded to tell me that what we were doing was wrong, as that was what she was hearing. Getting a little more clarity on where that message was coming from, she said it appeared to be one of my guides, a monk in a long robe. And he kept telling her this was not something we were supposed to be doing. I told her that we’ve confirmed from “up above” (so to speak), that we should be doing this, and I have never known of a monk in a robe as one of my guides before – the only entity that I had seen in a robe was an angel, which she herself had seen several months ago – and was quite a bit taller.

I then made the connection – this was not a guide. It was the same earthbound I had been talking to several days earlier.

Both Lorraine and I agreed to continue, and we helped the three teenagers through. When we were done, the man observing was still there – and I believed it was the monk. So, me being stubborn and not liking to be told what to do, I had a little conversation with this misguided soul. As I was trying once again to convince him that what we were doing was fully sanctioned (by using my always impeccable logic), he apparently felt he needed backup.

Lorraine then told me that there was now an earthbound priest in the room. I tracked him right behind where the monk had been observing us during the evening.

Naturally, this priest backed up what the monk was saying.

I didn’t continue for long after that – we had to leave, the teens had already left, and it was two against one. Not the best of odds to make any headway on changing anyone’s mind.


The next day, being absolutely sure that I am always right even when I am wrong, I decided to keep working at it. Opening up the spirit board, I engaged the monk once again.

“So you are here to keep me from having any kind of communication, and this is why you will not go through the light which the natural order of things?” I asked.

The monk said, “Yes.”

Oh boy. I replied, “And it is you and the priest that are with me now?”

His response: “Yes.”

I continued:

Me: “As I’ve asked before, is there anywhere in scripture that says you are supposed to stay here and not go through the light? Do you believe going through the light is the natural order of things?”
Monk: “Yes.”
Me: “And you are not going through the natural order of things?”
Monk: “No.”
Me: “So that puts you at same level as me?”
Monk: “Yes.”

At least the monk was admitting that we neither of us were, at least according to his view of scripture and God, following “orders.”

I continued to ask him questions. “So if you want to stop me from doing what I’m doing, and you believe this, wouldn’t it be appropriate for you to go through the natural and proper way to do this?”

Monk: “Yes.”
Me: “Are you?”
Monk: “No.”
Me: “Are you going to be punished or suffer for doing it this way?”
Monk: “Yes.”
Me: “Are you sure?”
Monk: “No.”

I had to ask. “Wouldn’t be so much easier, and you would be forgiven of course if you didn’t, but wouldn’t it be easier to actually go and do this the right way, and actually communicate with God directly? That’s what happens when you go to the light, correct?”

Monk: “Yes.”
Me: “Are you afraid to do that?”
Monk: “No.”
Me: “So why won’t you?”
Monk: “Want to stop the sacrilege.”
Me: “I would suggest you do this the right way. You realize that you are doing things that are sacrilegious right now.”
Monk: “You are too.”

I told him, “Here’s the difference. I have communicated with above, and we are being told it is the right thing to do. Therefore, I am doing things that I believe are not sacrilegious. You’re doing something that you do believe is sacrilegious. Do you see the difference?”

He replied, “Yes.”

Me: “I’m doing what I’m told I need to do. You are doing something that you were not told to do. Yet you have the ability to find out whether you should be or not, directly from the Creator – directly from source. Yet you choose not to.”
Monk: “The way to heaven is not the way that you are doing it.”
Me: “You believe that. I’ve been told something else. Now, you have the ability to connect with the maker – with the Creator – to confirm what you’ve read, which has been translated so many times. You have that ability. You’re going by what you have read and what you’ve been taught. You are not going by direct messages from God, are you?

I believe he said no, and I replied, “And you know you have the ability to get direct messages from God when you go through the light, correct?”


I continued talking. “Again, you choose not to go through the light. Because you feel what I am doing is sacrilegious. But that is you and not God. That is what is written – that is what was channeled to Moses and others who received this information. You have that ability as well. So why would you choose to do this in a way that may actually anger God, verses the way that would please God?”

His reply: “You anger God.”

My response:

Me: “Did he tell you this specifically and directly?”
Monk” “No.”
Me: “Why don’t you ask him? Did you ask him?”
Monk: “No.”
Me: “You have the ability. You’ve already seen your guides?”
Monk: “Yes.”
Me: “Are they telling you the same thing I’m telling you?”
Monk: “Yes.”
Me: “Are we all wrong? Did God send your guides?”
Monk: “Yes.”
Me: “Do you believe they’re actually your guides?”
Monk: “Yes.”
Me: “Do you believe them?”
Monk: “No.”
Me: “Why would God send them…why would they intentionally lie? Would they?”
Monk: “Waging a battle I believe to cast us to hell.”
Me: “To cast you and the priest – you believe that’s what your guides are doing? Why would they do that?”
Monk: “I don’t know.”
Me: “Would you like to know if that is the case, or if that is the reason?”
Monk: “Yes.”

I then responded: “You know how to find that out, and I’ve told you – you can go through the light. You can come back, but that is how you get your direct connection to God. You go through the light and you go to heaven. This is how you will find this out.”

Monk: “No.”
Me: “Okay, look. You do realize how irrational this is beginning to sound on your part.
Monk: “No.”
Me: “This is not about faith.”
Monk: “Yes [it is].”
Me: “No. You have the answers available to you. You’re thinking there’s something absolutely nefarious going on here, and that God is actually trying to trick you. That’s what this sounds like. God is trying to trick you into going to Hell.”
Monk” “No.”
Me: “God does not want to send people to Hell. Have you done nothing but good things in your lives?”
Monk: “Yes.”
Me: “Then why would he want to send you to Hell?”
Monk: “I don’t know.”
Me: “To be honest, have you ever heard of that kind of thing before?”
Monk: “No.”
Me: “Do you truly believe this is what he’s trying to do?”
Monk: “No.”

At that point, I was compelled to try something else. I decided to remove religion, faith and anything spiritual, and focus on logic as I saw it. I was seeing holes in his arguments, and was thinking, that even if it worked for just a moment, he might be able to see if from a different perspective.

I said, “I would gather then that you’re a little on the confused side. I can respect that, and I understand it. The problem is, we’re all trying to do some good here. I’ve already explained what we do and why we do it. There are souls here that cannot get back to heaven. They can’t – they’re stuck from a physical standpoint. They can’t hear anything else. It is a physical problem. This is the problem that we try to get around. They can hear us – we are telling them what to do to move on, and they listen. And that makes it happen. We are supposed to – this is what we’re supposed to be doing. We have what we feel is a clear mandate from above. God would not be letting us do this if that were the case. It is not the devil.

“Your guides – I wish you could believe them because you don’t know why they are saying what they are, and if they’re actually trying to send you to Hell. But trust me – they’re not. Which makes more sense? Which is easier to understand? Remove all the teachings that you’ve learned from the Bible – remove that from the equation for a minute. Think about this logically – just remove it for one moment. Does what I am saying make sense?”

Monk: “Yes.”
Me: “Are you starting to understand, hopefully a little bit?”
Monk: “Yes.”

I replied, “You have the answers to this question at your disposal. You can go through the light – you can find out exactly what you need to know. You can get the answer directly from God, and you will understand it. Believe me, I have love and compassion for you as well, trust me – and to be honest, I’d like to help you. You are a living soul and that’s what we do. We’re here to help souls get back to Heaven. Because nobody else is able to do it. As I realized the other day, the system is not flawless. Things don’t always work the way that they’re supposed to work, and this is important work we are doing. I’m not – well, I guess I am asking you to take a small leap of faith here – that’s exactly what I’m doing. Do you understand a little better why I’m doing this?

The monk said, “Heaven goes far away from here…”

The audio recording of the session then cut off prematurely.


The monk is still around as far as I know – I haven’t continued the conversation with him yet but I plan to. I’m just glad that lightning hasn’t struck my apartment and locusts haven’t been swarming. Yet.

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So where did this monk come from? Sometime around 2001, my friend Donna, her son Bob and I travelled from Whitman, MA to Rogersville, New Brunswick in Canada to visit some family members. During our visit, we had visited several churches, including a monastery. We were told after returning to Massachusetts (by our guides if I remember correctly) that a monk from the area had started watching over me. At the time, I thought it was quite a wonderful thing, but didn’t give it further thought until recently (of course!) For more on the Monks, see The Monks of Rogersville, NB. Photo at top: Rogersville, NB, circa 2001.



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