New Members – Paul and Kim

We’d like to welcome the newest members to the GHPS team! Paul Rice and Kim Maltas. Paul has been with us for a while on a freelance basis, and we’ve decided to add him as a permanent member. Kim has been with us on several investigations, and her knowledge of equipment and investigative abilities are a welcome addition. She will be joining us as a primary alternate.

You can read more about Paul and Kim below:

Paul with a parabolic dish


Researcher, Sensitive

Currently working as a Paramedic and Medical Massage therapist, with a Masters degree in Photochemistry, Paul started his psychic work as a teenager, reading palms. This developed into empathetic palm reading after he experienced the emotional grief from a client. Over time, Paul has developed a variety of touch-based psychic skills and mental techniques. He has taught psychic skill development and is working on scheduling classes in the future.

Paul says, “I have occasionally sensed presences without there being a body nearby, and in my first ghost hunting experience an entity seemed to rush at me – everything went gray and cold. It seemed to want to feed off me, but I wouldn’t let it. I reversed the situation by grounding its energies and it fled, after which warmth and colors returned.”

Paul joined GHPS to expand his psychic skill set, and has been a great addition to the team.



Researcher / Sensitive

Born and raised in Norwalk, CT, Kim has had an interest in the unknown for as long as she can remember. Growing up, she lived in a house that seemed to have someone hanging around other than her family. Although others in the house had experiences, no one ever spoke more than a brief word of acknowledgement about them. It wasn’t until she moved out on her own and into a house with more open activity that she realized what she had been feeling her whole life was in fact real. Being empathic and sensitive, she could feel emotional changes and energy shifts throughout the house. Trying to explain what she felt, the rest of the home’s tenants did not agree the house was remotely haunted. This is what intrigued Kim to start investigating. She starting reading, watching and investigating anything she could in order to prove it. While trying to gather evidence, she realized this was more than a mission to prove them wrong. This was something she was meant to do. It became a mission to find the truths of the unknown. Finally, she came across GHPS, who gave her the opportunity to pursue her interests further.


About Michael

Michael has been interested in the paranormal for many years, and likes to write. Sometimes he even reads.

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