EVIL IN THE BEDROOM? Summary for Wethersfield, CT Part 2

GHPS visited a home in Wethersfield, CT on November 6, 2010, where the one of the residents reported experiencing paranormal activity, including strange noises, smells and a feeling of being watched. This is Part Two of what we discovered during our visit, based on our readings, observations, recordings and experiences. The mediums had no prior knowledge of any of the spirits in the home or of any reported activity. We recommend reading Part 1 first.

I told the team that I wanted to go back and check the room to make sure it was clear. Paul and I went back to see, and it felt that there was still some energy there.  Paul suggested that it might be residual. I said we should probably try and cleanse it, and Paul proceeded to do so.

It then hit me. I yelled, “C’mon out.”

I believed there was someone under the bed. A child. Jennifer had mentioned that she felt this earlier.

Another male spirit was there. I started talking to him and felt that he had been hiding under the bed for some time. As we had seen in the past, Paul agreed that he was probably afraid to leave, as there was Evil above him.

But no more.

Paul mentioned he had probably heard what we had discussed with Evil, and I believed he had some idea as to what we were doing. We explained about the light again, and asked him if he wanted to go home and see his parents. He was reluctant, but we were able to convince him to come out from under the bed and come with us.

We started to walk downstairs with him, but I felt that something was missing.

He went back to the bedroom. I had to go back and get him.

We had no idea how long he had been hiding under the bed, and he may have been responsible for waking up the client’s children at four a.m. every morning. I went back to the bedroom, and he was still there. It had been a while since I had to take a spirit by the “hand,” and I proceeded to do so.

Once again heading to the basement, I could feel the warmth of his energy in my hand and felt that he would now come with us. It took time, as he kept stopping as we made our way donwstairs. We eventually reached the doorway with the light.

Paul sensed that there were people waiting for him, and that they recognized him. Paul then asked him to call for his mom.

Jennifer asked me to ask him some questions.

What is your name? Ben

Paul noted that Ben could see his mom, but also mentioned that it didn’t make sense to this spirit, as he must have believed and I felt that his mother had passed before him. It took a little patience and a lot of words, but he eventually left.

We went back to check the bedroom one more time – it was finally clear.

Two down. What was next?

– – –

The client’s reports of unexplained phenomena had mostly occurred on the main floor of the house. Since we had already taken care of the child’s bedroom, it was agreed that this would be our next focus. We chose the bedroom adjoining the kitchen. After setting up the next EVP session, we sat down and Darlene started asking questions.

What is your name? Christian
Do you like it here? Yes.
Were you married? Yes.
Her name? E, Ellen
Did you have children? Yes.
How many? 3, 4?

Do you go into the basement? No
Do you like the family here? They’re okay.
Do you follow the mom to work? No.
Are you protecting this house? This is my house.
What do you do here? Walk around.
Did you build this house? No.
How old are you? 72?
What is your favorite room in the house? Kitchen.
What color was this room? Blue.

Darlene then started explaining about the light.

Do you miss your wife? Yes.
Would you like to see your wife again? I don’t trust it.

What didn’t he trust? Us? Moving on through the light?

During our questioning, Jennifer mentioned that the name Christian didn’t feel right, and I agreed. I focused again on what his name might be, and then started hearing “Doc” in my mind. I asked the client if the previous homeowner was a doctor.

She said yes. But why did I hear the name Christian?

– – –

At this point I started to explain to Doc how he would be better able to help his wife if he passed through, and how he really couldn’t do much for her in his current state. As I was doing this, Paul interrupted me.

“There’s someone that wants to talk with him.”

I was a bit shocked – this had never happened before in any of our investigations. Paul had apparently picked up on someone in the light. And, it was in the other location I had been drawn to: the closet door in the hallway.

I asked Doc to follow us into the hallway and have a chat with the person on the other side. I believe her name was Mary or Marian – my guess was that she was there to help explain what was going on. I made sure to let him know that the house would be fine and he would be able to come back and visit it at any time – but I could feel he was understandably hesitant.

Finally, after some more explaining and discussion, I believed he was ready to go. The client’s son was in the house, and I could sense that he went over to him to say goodbye. After that, he walked into the closet.

But did he go through, or is he still wandering the halls of this family’s home?

We may never know. But one thing was for sure: the evil was gone.

– – –

Two weeks after the investigation, the client reported that the upstairs bedroom felt better than it had before we had arrived, and she told us that she was sure that this particular presence had left.


EVP recorded the name Benny while in the children’s bedroom when talking to Evil, long before the name was channeled by Michael.

The name of Christian turned out to be one of the resident’s names.

The color of the room (blue) was confirmed by EVP (not audible at the time).

The pain in the leg that Michael felt may have been related to the injury by Doc, who fell down the stairs before he passed.

Doc’s wife’s name was Helen, which was reported by the client a week after the investigation. Michael had channeled the name Ellen during the EVP session with Doc.

Paul, Jen, Michael, Darlene and a guest


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