A Quaint Conversation with a Monk, Part 2

bald-pitbull-puppyDISCLAIMER: Below are some of the words that come across a spirit (talking) board. They, as any messages on a spirit board, are subject to possible wild inaccuracies and interpretation by the operator. But it’s interesting nonetheless.

This is Part 2 of our encounter with the monk. For best results, we recommend reading Part 1 first.

Blood moon. I kept peering out the window to see when the eclipse was starting, momentarily distracting me from my conversation each time with Patty over FaceTime (not an Apple ad), as we settled into our usual (of late) Sunday night spirit board session. We couldn’t get started for at least 40 minutes, as I wouldn’t shut up and focus on the task at hand. I think Patty is pretty used to it by now.

Eventually, I woke out of my etymological stupor (read: verbal diarrhea) and we started the session. I had posted part one of this story earlier in the day, and I gave Patty the warning that our not so favorite monk may decide to rear his (possibly bald) head. (Aren’t all monks bald?) The session started normally with Posin making his usual introduction – or should I say attempting to? He hadn’t even finished spelling his name, when all I could get was “no,” over and over.

He’s baaaaack!

Here’s a word of advice for all that are interested: do not piss off Goddess Girl.

I told Patty that this was the monk again. Even through the computer screen, I could see the annoyance in Patty’s eyes, and that determined look to be done with this. Fighting the urge to mute the computer, to say that she was giving the monk a stern talking to doesn’t even cover it. Telling the monk that he was interfering with what we were supposed to be doing, she started to threaten him with a list of deities so long that I couldn’t even keep track of it – and that she would summon all of them to assist him in his return back home.

Naturally, I kept my mouth shut. The pit bull was on a roll.

The board had become silent at that point, and then the following statement came through:

“Wait. Can we talk about this?”

After all of the cajoling and rational talk (i.e. lawyer talk) that I had done with him, Patty was able to get through to him in less than two minutes.

As expected, the monk did try to defend his position and started using words like ‘sacrilege’ again, like he had done in our previous conversation. Which just pissed off Patty even more. Now don’t get me wrong – Patty is one of the nicest people I have ever met, and would give you the world if it wasn’t so big. However when it comes to anyone that displays a religious fundamentalist attitude, she has no tolerance for intolerance. Especially from one that felt it was his mission to stop our work.

Wasn’t. Going. To. Happen.

This went back and forth for a bit, with both Patty and I alternating between ‘GTFO’ and ‘we can help you,’ with compassion and sensitivity of course. But one of the issues was that we were unable to get to the root of the problem, and put a finger on why he didn’t leave in the first place. Why was he still here? And why wasn’t he listening to anything anyone was telling him?

It appeared to Patty to be the same banter the monk had used earlier with Michael. Her intolerance for the situation had her firmly calling in the deities which included Christ and many of the Archangels.

The monk then said “Stop, call off the deities!” to which Patty said firmly, “No!”, as if answering a pestilent child.

Ok – so he could see the loving deities Patty had called in around him, but why was he so afraid of those he followed and worshiped during his life on earth?

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