EVIL IN THE BEDROOM? Summary for Wethersfield, CT Part 1

GHPS visited a home in Wethersfield, CT on November 6, 2010, where the one of the residents reported experiencing paranormal activity. This is what we discovered during our visit, based on our readings, observations, recordings and experiences. The mediums had no prior knowledge of any of the spirits in the home or of any reported activity.

We were asked to investigate a private home in Wethersfield, CT where the client had been experiencing unexplained phenomena, including knocking, whistling, strange scents and feelings of being watched.

– – –

I waited at the end of the street for Paul to arrive. As I stood there, I kept feeling a pull towards the client’s house. I was certain that there was something in the home, before I had even entered it.

The team arrived, and we entered the house through the kitchen. I started to check the immediate area to see what I was drawn to. The very first thing that I felt was a male spirit in a doorway looking us over as we stood in the kitchen. He came further into the kitchen, then back through the doorway into an adjoining bedroom.

After settling in, we set out to check the home for high EMF readings and K-II hits. Following the spirit that showed up in the kitchen, Paul and I followed him into the adjoining bedroom, and as Paul and I walked into the foyer, it felt like he was trying to show us the door – the words sounded like “have a nice day.” It made me believe that whoever this was, he wanted us to leave – we were not welcome. We then moved into the living room, and I was having a hard time focusing on any particular energy – there was nothing strong that I was drawn to, and nothing that gave any feelings of stress. It didn’t feel like the male spirit we had just encountered followed us into this room either.

But then came the hallway.

There was this tiny closet, about two feet wide and three feet deep, in the hallway across from the downstairs bathroom, next to the living room. There was something about this closet that I couldn’t put my finger on – I just knew that I needed to keep it in mind. I looked inside it, scanning it with my flashlight, thinking it was something behind the walls. I let it go for the time being.

That was the first one.

Next came the basement. Paul and I headed down the stairs and turned right. I sensed there was a spirit sitting on the couch next to the door leading outside. Checking the meter, there was practically no EMF whatsoever in this room. Going to the left side of the basement, I could tell there was something was near a television in a corner. I had a difficult time trying to hone in on its exact location. The energy felt weak, but I didn’t think much of it – and didn’t believe it was anything to worry about. We went back to the other side of the basement, and I walked over to a door that led outside. Again, I had this feeling that I couldn’t put my finger on. I noted it, and thought that we would be revisiting this spot later in the investigation. I just didn’t know why.

That was the second one. But second “what?”

Paul and I then headed up two floors to the top level of the house. To the right of the stairway was a child’s room with two beds. As I entered, I felt it.

It didn’t feel good.

There was something in here. I felt it in my stomach, my head, and the room had that feeling of heavy air. It was uncomfortable. Nevertheless, we stayed for a few moments and I was able to track a spirit moving from a window on the right to a bed on the left. Paul noted as well that there was something on that bed. The readings looked normal for EMF, and I fought the urge to communicate with whatever was there. That would have to wait.

Jennifer joined us and the three of us checked the rest of the floor – three more bedrooms. They seemed clear and the air felt light. I felt a pull once I was in the bathroom of the master bedroom – and discovered it was from the first bedroom  we had entered, through the wall.

Moving briefly to the attic, Jennifer asked both Paul and myself to move toward the front left of the house. I was once again drawn toward something below the floor.

The same child’s bedroom. Who, or what, was in there?

The last place we checked was the garage. Paul and I entered, and I moved toward the garage door, to get a better feel for anything that might be present, if anything. It felt clear, until I noticed that there was something at the door leading back into the house.

What I saw in my mind was a man – standing there with his arms crossed.

Was this the previous owner? Was it the same spirit that tried to show us the door? Were they one and the same?

– – –

We discussed our preliminary findings with the client, and as I stood in the kitchen, I started feeling a pain in my left leg. My instinct led me to think that it wasn’t me – something else was causing this to happen. But our priority was upstairs, and the client agreed that we should focus on the children’s room. The entire team then went upstairs and entered the child’s bedroom. We took our places and set up our EVP recording equipment. Darlene went to sit on the bed on the left, only to be stopped by Paul.

“I wouldn’t sit there.”

We started the recorders and started asking questions. I relied on what I was picking up, as the rest of the team monitored the voice box through a large speaker.

What is your name? Evil.


Paul sensed that this entity was suffering from some sort of physical deformity and felt that this spirit believed he was evil and could only see himself that way. Paul also told us that he may have been an only child with a very tough childhood.

And that he might do evil things.

Did somebody hurt you? No
Do you miss your wife? No
Do you like all the people here? No. People bad.

Paul moved over to the bed to try and heal this unfortunate soul, burdened with some his physical deformity even in death. After he finished, I sensed that Evil was starting to loosen up. I wasn’t feeling the dread and darkness as much; it now seemed to be turning to sadness and sorrow.

Darlene asked if he wanted to see his parents again. I heard “how,” repeatedly.

I tried to explain how the light worked, and how he would be able to see his family and be healed at the same time if he so chose. It then began to feel like the sadness and sorrow were turning to hope. We might be able to help him after all.

But where was the light?

– – –

Earlier, I had been directed to the door in the basement and wasn’t sure why – and then it struck me – was this where a light was located?

We went downstairs with Evil, and I opened the door to the basement exit. I checked the area for the familiar warmth that usually accompanies the light portal that our many rescued souls have gone through. It didn’t seem that strong, and I started questioning if this was really where it was. Was I wrong in thinking that this was the spot?

Paul said to close the door.

I had checked it with the door open, and went past the energy vortex. Once the door was closed, it had that familiar feeling.

From there, it didn’t take long. He was gone after a few moments.

But did we leave something behind?

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