BARELY BREATHING – Paul’s Perspective

This is Paul’s perspective from our experiences at Marisa’s house in New Britain, CT.

After arriving late from an address error, and not bringing any of my “tools” for energy work, I met the rest of the team. Michael of course I know, Lorraine I’ve met from the Medium Development group she leads, and a new member Angela. We met outside and discussed the investigation methodology – pretty much the usual routine.

Lorraine wanted to partner Michael as she had some ideas she wanted to work on which necessitated his input, so Angela was paired with me. As Angela was new to the group and this work, part of my role was to show her how I apply energy techniques to sense earth-bound spirits, that some of what I do could offer possibilities for her to expand her sensing capabilities.

Meeting up with Marisa and her guy, and catching up with her news since last we met, we then split into our pairs, Angela and I checked downstairs first while Michael and Lorraine had the rest of the house.

For me to sense I need to touch and feel, trying to become aware of a “neediness” to locate earthbound spirits. Checking all the closets for “stuck energy”, touching things and walking into every area opening myself up to the energies present. One room I was pulled to the right side of the desk, Angela to the other side, I felt as if someone had stood there, staring at a drawer, thinking about opening it and taking the item out, perhaps a gun, perhaps a suicide attempt. I felt stunned when I did open the drawer and nothing was inside, just like that person might have felt on finding it empty.

In the main room downstairs, I felt some “heaviness” in the area of the bed, but couldn’t identify anything more. In the entrance area, a thick wooden plank separating the corridor from the storage area bothered me a lot, again nothing specific.

I completely missed the earthbound spirits on the sofa, maybe because they had no “needs,” but were just enjoying endless partying. We joined Michael and Lorraine, did not compare notes purposely, and swapped areas to investigate.

We found very interesting things in the master bedroom; I sensed two earth-bound spirits on the bed, one male, and one female, entwined around each other and being intimate. Angela reported seeing an aura around my arm as it was inside the area of the male earthbound spirit.

We rejoined Michael and Lorraine to compare notes and plan the intervention.

Working together, our energies overlapped and enhanced our sensing capabilities. In the master bedroom, I picked up more of the emotionality of the earthbound spirits; I used my energy field to help remove the “stuckness” of the ghosts while Michael and Lorraine talked with them and helped them to move on.

Downstairs I could now sense those on the sofa. I used my energies to light up the area for any nearby earthbound spirits to come join the party, to help them let go of issues holding them here and to boost the power of Michael and Lorraine. It felt like a “mosh pit” there, packed with earthbound spirits, all excited to be moving on. Those earthbound spirits who didn’t want to mix with those who were “high” were processed next. A lot of earthbound spirits were moved on that evening.

Angela had plenty of observations – unfortunately I do not remember most of them, but she seemed to get the hang of this work and has lots to contribute.

– Paul


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