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The Soul Ascension Project (www.myhouseishaunted.org) was borne out of the desire to assist as many souls as we could to get home. Originally known as The Greater Hartford Paranormal Society and based in Connecticut, the group was founded by Crystal and Michael. Michael had left another group, and Crystal, also a member, suggested that they start their own group. Shortly thereafter, GHPS was born on Halloween of 2006.

As time passed and people moved onto other things (including myself), we stopped investigating as GHPS several years later. In 2015, several of the former members and some new people started the momentous task of helping the numerous souls that cannot find their way home.

From individual homes to cemeteries, we assist as many as we can, in order to help both those still here physically and those only in spirit.

2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Did you ever find a spirit who wanted to stay in place? Could there be a case where the spirit has no intention of going on, perhaps fear or content with the current situation, and would do anything to keep things the same way?

  2. Most definitely have found spirits that wanted to stay in place, even when given the option of leaving (if they didn’t know they could). Many fear it, some are just content, and some are just confused. As far as doing anything to keep things the same way, it obviously depends on the abilities of the spirit— most do not have the power to make things uncomfortable for the living. Quite often when there is new construction in a house, it is more likely they will make their presence known, if they can.

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