GEARING UP – GHPS’s Equipment Cache

A number of people have asked us – what kind of equipment do we have? Do you use anything besides your medium skills? The answer is yes – GHPS not only goes the medium route, but we also have a full set of equipment geared towards investigating whatever it is that keeps moving your keys (besides your significant other). Using this equipment can greatly increase the chances of identifying the presence of earthbound spirits in a physical fashion, with the potential of obtaining documentable photographic evidence. Here is a sampling of what we have:

MEL 8704R EMF/K-II/Ambient Temperature Meter

Gauss Master Analog EMF Meter

EMF K-II Meter

SVP 12 Megapixel Deep Infrared Digital Camera

In addition, we may also use any or all of the following on an investigation:

  • 4-camera infrared DVR video surveillance system
  • Thermal-imaging camera
  • Motion-detecting IR security box cameras
  • Sony Camcorders with Nightshot
  • Laser Illumination System (used for detecting movement)
  • Modified AM/FM radios (used to hear spirits in realtime)
  • Sony ICD-UX70 voice recorder
  • Zoom H2 4-channel audio recorder
  • iPod with iTalk voice recorder
  • iPhone 3G with white noise generators and voice recording
  • Parabolic dish

So, there it is. Now go and find your keys.


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