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What the heck is a medium?
A medium is a person that claims to be in contact with the spirits of the dead, and can communicate between the dead and the living. A medium is not a fortune teller.

How do you know if there is a spirit here?
We are quite good at picking this up.  You can read more here. There is also physical evidence.

What is physical evidence?
There are a number of types. The most common is electronic voice phenomenon (EVP), is where you can actually hear a spirit’s voice on an audio recording, but could not hear it at the time of the recording. Also, there are electronic scanning devices (such as K2 meters) that may capable of displaying spirit activity, and can sometimes respond to yes/no questions. There is also photographic evidence, like  energy streaks or dark areas in photos. Unidentified moving objects and other anomalies can also appear in video recordings. Each one of these requires a serious examination to insure they are not naturally occurring events, such as orbs. In general, we do not pursue physical evidence, however we will record EVP sessions to see if anything comes up.

Can you talk to spirits?
Yes. As a matter of fact, so can you.

Can you make the spirit leave?
It depends. Some spirits are harmless and have no desire to go, but many are distressed, confused or are staying to relay a message or protect someone. We do our best though.

Are you pulling my leg?
Not that we’re aware of.

For more information on how this whole medium thing works, you can read Michael’s perspective on being a medium, or drop us a line.

2 thoughts on “Q&A

  1. Have you ever spoken with someone who has had a typical near death experience, that they can remember. In so doing, have you been able to compare notes with that person? In regards to what they saw as to what you see?

  2. Yes, I have spoken with many people who have had near death experiences, gone to heaven, and recalled everything they saw quite well. I have compared notes with all of them. They each have reported seeing very similar things, been in similar places, speaking with Jesus at the same exact location, and came back a changed person. I have a group on Facebook for people who have had such experiences. Some stories are very different, but of the people who went to the Kingdom of Heaven, the details of their experience are extraordinarily similar.


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