The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY – EVPs

These are just a few of the EVPs we were able to capture at The Chance in Poughkeepsie, NY. For best results, headphones are recommended, and an audio application like Audacity can be used for offline playback, as well as Windows Media Player, iTunes or QuickTime. Also note that these clips have been filtered and/or amplified. The unmodified clips are also posted.

As with the last batch from Berwick, ME, several have tempo adjustments at the end of the clip to make it easier to hear. We’re also using a new audio player on the site so you can hear them back to back. Let us know what you think you hear, and we’ll let you know what we heard!



Jenny, did you leave?
Michael asking if Jenny was there.” Tempo reduced at last clip, filtered.

What hurts?
Asked spirit what hurts. Filtered.

Hold on a few minutes.
Michael says to the group of spirits to hold on for a few minutes. Filtered.

What’s your name?
After asking the next spirit’s name, we could hear the same response twice. Filtered.

Want to go home?
After asking about if there someone acting as a nurse, Michael asked if a spirit wanted to go home. Some extra space removed, filtered.


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