HAUNTING FOR HELP? Summary for Berwick, ME, Part 2

The team visited a home in Berwick, Maine on October 16, 2010, where the residents reported experiencing paranormal activity, including multiple and repeated apparitions. This is Part 2 of what we discovered during our visit, based on our readings, observations, recordings and experiences. The mediums had no prior knowledge of any of the spirits in the home or any of the reported activity. For best results, we recommend reading Part 1 first.

When the team went outside to the shed, I immediately went behind it – something was there that I had not noticed before. I had been in the same area earlier when getting some air, but I had no clue that there may be a presence immediately nearby. Paul already knew, but he had wanted me to confirm it without him telling me first.

I confirmed it.

Outside of the shed at the rear left corner, there was a spirit lying down on the ground, in a bed of vegetation. By this time I was able to pick up on it as being female, and I went over to her. Paul then acknowledged that this was the same spot that he had picked up on earlier. He was able to detect that both of her legs were very badly twisted, and we spent about five minutes trying to heal her injuries by passing energy to her. We were successful, and once she was able to walk, we both helped her into the house. I could feel the relief and joy as we walked up the stairs to the front door, and I started smiling.

Once in the house, I asked both of the spirits to sit down. I started to think that the spirit outside of the shed was actually Emily.

I asked them both if they were feeling better, and if they were ready to go. Feeling like it was time, I explained how the light worked and what they should do when they approach it. As I was talking, I noticed something.

They had already gone into the bathroom.

The team followed the two spirits, and I walked back towards the tub area to help them through. It didn’t take any coercing – they both went before we had even realized it. It appeared that bringing Emily back was all Angie was waiting for.

– – –

Feeling like we were just about done, I went to make a final pass around the house to make sure it was clear. I entered one of the children’s bedrooms, and took a look around.

Something was in front of the house.

I went outside with Paul to have a chat with this spirit. I was able to see him as a much older man, and he seemed to be confused as to what we had just done. I explained to him directly about the light, asked if he had seen one, and told him that it was the easiest way to be reunited with whoever his closest loved one was.

He wasted no time and ran to the neighbor’s house.

– – –

Thinking we were done, Paul and I went back inside to the house to check one last time. Checking the child’s bedroom first, I was no longer picking up on anything in the front yard. However, checking the bedroom next to it did not yield the same result – there was someone outside again – but this time they were in the back of the house.

I walked back through the house and onto the back porch. Looking down to the location where I had sensed this other spirit, I sensed he was male and started talking to him.

“Hey you! What are you doing down there?”

This may not have been the best thing to say, as he ran far off into the fields. Oops.

I went back into the house once again, hoping that we were finally done. I checked every other room first, and then went back to that last bedroom.

He came back. In the same place as before.

I said, “That’s it!” Grabbing Paul, we went back out onto the deck, and looked down. Sure enough, I felt his energy there once again. Thinking that it would be best to just talk to him, er, face to face, we walked off the deck and followed a path around to the back of the house behind the bedroom.

I told him everything would be okay and explained to him what we were doing. I asked him to follow us, and we could sit and have a talk. We walked back up the path and he followed us into the house. We had him sit down with us in the dining room.

I directed him to a chair and Paul sat across from him. Asking for his name, I picked up on Fred or Frank. I asked if it was Fred – it felt like he didn’t like that, so we started calling him Frank. I asked him what year he was born, and I was able to pick on “81.” I said, “That can’t be right – that’s too recent” – and then Paul told me that Frank seemed perplexed by his surroundings – very odd and unfamiliar. Our guess was that the year was actually 1781 or 1881.

We sat and tried to make him more relaxed, but we weren’t having much luck. Considering what the family had been through and the lack of progress we were making with Frank, I wasn’t sure what we were going to do next. There was no way I would leave this spirit in the house if I had any choice – he most likely wouldn’t have been a problem for the family, but I just couldn’t do that to them. So of course, my next thought was this:


We’ll bring him back with us. The dog at home would not be happy.

So we explained the situation to Frank, and he agreed to come with us. I then left him with Paul and the rest of the team at the dining room table and went to check the house for the third last time.

At last, everything came back clean.

We then packed up, bid our farewells to the client, and walked with Frank to our cars. However, one small issue remained – our “guest” probably did not even know what a car was. After a brief introduction to automobiles, he got into the back seat.

We left without incident, and gave Frank the ride of his “life.”

– – –

After the investigation:

After analyzing the audio, we were surprised to discover that someone else was with Angie. In several of the EVPs, there were two answers to questions directed at her, one with a distinctly male voice. Listening to the section where Angie and Emily went through the light, it appeared that this spirit left as well and had been watching over them.

The client had also reported seeing a male figure in the house – we believe this was the male watching over Angie and Emily that we discovered later in the EVP recordings.

During the investigation, Darlene had witnessed the shadow of a figure on the back deck. The client had also reported seeing a male figure on the deck – we believe this was Frank.

The name Frank appeared in an EVP while we were in the bathroom; this was before we had discovered him in the backyard.


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