Jonathan Pasco’s, East Windsor, CT – Summary

The group visited Jonathan Pasco’s restaurant on July 31, 2010, in East Windsor, CT. Many unexplained events have occurred in this former residence, built in 1784, as reported by both staff and patrons. This is what we discovered during our visit, based on our readings, observations and experiences. And, of course, the medium had no prior knowledge of any of the spirits in the building or of any reported activity.

What an interesting trip.

After Darlene and I had dinner at the site (which was absolutely wonderful, by the way), the team descended upon the various rooms in this very old house – and went right to the attic.

A spirit was moving back and forth, running from end to end.


We asked him what his name was, and I heard the name Ames. He felt scared, and Paul tried to tap into his energy. At first, we believed he may have been fighting in the civil war, and was looking out for the enemy.

But it didn’t feel like it fit.

What is your name? Ames
Why are you here? For protection
From what? Men with guns.

I was shown images of Ames being chased in a field by men with rifles, wearing civilian clothes, in what seemed like appropriate clothing for the era. After a few minutes of questioning, and Paul picking up on what Ames was feeling, Paul asked me if I could identify his race. It then became clear why he was here.

Ames was an escaped slave.

Do you know what year it is? 86 (unclear; may have been 1860)
What year were you born?
Are you afraid of those with guns? Yes.

It felt like Ames had been up in the attic, after being shot and killed. Was he hiding from the men that had already killed him, and had been fearing for his life for over a century?  After we spent some time letting him know that it was a very long time ago, we were able to get him to see his current surroundings by pointing out this objects in the attic, and how foreign they probably appeared to him.

I never thought I would ever explain to a ghost about plastic.

As we left the attic, he decided to stay by Paul’s side and followed him out onto the second floor porch. I explained to him that he was no longer a slave and could move about. He made clear to me that there was something he wanted more than anything else – to see a woman he loved by the name of Esther.

The employees at Pasco’s never even knew he was there.

– – –

We next entered what had been the boys’ room when it was the Pasco residence. Sitting in a chair in the corner immediately to the right was a woman – I was able to see that she had long hair, and what looked like a long white dress.

The long white dress didn’t feel quite right, though.

As we began to ask questions, Paul went near the corner to get a better feel as to what was going on with her.

What is you name? Jennie or Jeannie
Where are you from? Bakersfield?
Why are you here?
(no answer/unclear)
Did you work here? (no answer/unclear)

It seemed as if she couldn’t or didn’t want to talk. We continued to try.

What year were you born? ’33 (possibly 1833)
Do you know where you are? Not sure
Are you injured? Yes

Paul asked me if I could see anything else. Focusing on her, I was able to tell that there was a lot of blood halfway down her dress. And then it made sense to me.

It was a nightgown.

From what we gathered, Jeannie had suffered some sort of miscarriage. One of our guest investigators asked if she could tell us the father’s name – she refused to tell, but still I was seeing the image of a man – dark hair, medium build. I pictured him as a good-looking Fred Willard – but taller.

How old are you? 18
Do you see Indians? No

She tried to tell me something about April – I was unsure whether it was the month or a girl’s name. She just wasn’t able to tell me, or I wasn’t able to hear it.

Both Paul and I noted that her energy was fairly low, which made sense to us as it seemed she had lost a lot of blood. As there wasn’t much else that we could do and we were on limited time, we moved to the next location.

The room across the hall.

– – –

When I walked into this room, which is currently a large dining room, I felt like I was losing my focus. I kept trying to identify where the spirit was – I knew it was there, but was having difficulty pinpointing its location. I then realized why.

It kept moving around me. In circles. I had the feeling that this one wasn’t going to be easy.

The team sat down, and we each introduced ourselves as usual. I started to see the image of a man – an older man, tall and thin with grey hair – balding at the top.

So we tried to ask some questions.

What is your name? E (Ethan, Edgar?)
Why are you here? To bother people
Do you think it’s fun? Yes
Did you live here? Yes. What business is it of yours?

He didn’t seem to want to answer many of our questions, and I didn’t think we were off to a good start. We kept trying, though.

Did you work here? No. Why?
How old are you? 86, 32, 36

We talked with him some more, and when I asked his age again, he told me quite clearly that he was 23 years old.

Yes, we were being screwed with. I told him we didn’t want to talk with him any more and we moved on.

– – –

Moving downstairs to the first floor, we entered the room immediately to the left of the original front door to the house. Crouched in the rear left corner was what felt like a younger boy, badly injured. His energy felt like it radiated out from the corner, leaving the energy focused around where I sensed him to be weaker. We asked him for his name.

What is your name? Peter

From what I was getting, it felt like Peter was around 11 to 13 years old, and never left the corner.

Darlene then entered the room – and I was surprised by another spirit that followed her. I felt that this spirit was there to check in on Peter – the impression was that he watched over him on a regular basis.

As we were leaving the room, another name came to me: Billy. I believe Billy was the name of the spirit that watched over Peter.

Running out of time, we then decided to go where no man had gone before – the ladies’ room.

At Jonathan Pasco’s, the location of the ladies’ room is part of what once was the kitchen in the original home. There had been reports of many strange occurrences in the room, and the employees were quite interested in what we would find. With our guest photographer standing guard at the door, Darlene, Jen, Paul and I entered. A spirit was walking back and forth, over and over again.

We started a dialog with this spirit, to find out what they were doing. Darlene started asking questions.

What is your name? (unable to hear it)
What are you doing? Cooking? No. Cleaning.
Getting ready for the next meal? Yes
Is this your job? Yes and I like it.

Finally, I was able to get a name. Beth.

But the session didn’t last long. Someone had to use the toilet.

– – –

And unfortunately, we had run out of time. We discussed our findings with our hosts for the evening, and told them that we’d like to return.

You see, we hadn’t even been to the basement.

– – –

Reported by the employees

Patrons feeling cold and a general uneasiness in the corner with Peter.
The automatic paper towel dispenser in the ladies’ room would activate without any discernable movement
Apparitions had been sighted of a tall, thin old man by a staff member
Jonathan Pasco’s wife was Elizabeth Allen (this may have been Beth in the ladies’ room)


Guest Photographer

– – –

We’d like to thank the management of Jonathan Pasco’s for their hospitality and allowing us to investigate some of their reported sightings and experiences.

And, of course, go eat there. You can find out more information about them at And you might just get to meet one of our new friends!


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