Deep River Public Library II – EVPs Part 2

We have completed our evaluation of the audio recordings from our investigation at the Deep River Public Library on September 16, 2010. We found many EVPs for you to listen to. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. For more EVPs from Deep River, check out Part 1.

Right-click on the audio links to download. For best results, headphones are recommended, and an audio application like Audacity can be used for offline playback. Also note that some of these clips may have been filtered or amplified. If you would prefer to hear them exactly as they were recorded, please let us know.

As with the previous batch of EVPs posted, we utilized a voice box in order to potentially hear responses in realtime. What was even better is that it seemed to amplify the responses and was easier to filter than if there was no white noise in the background.

On two of these EVPs, we were especially impressed to get the same answer twice when asked – this happened two times (we’ll let you figure out what they’re saying!), and it wasn’t something as simple as a yes response.

Enjoy, and this time we’ve included a bit of a description as to where they came from.

The group was conversing when this came through.

      1. 3_attic_bigroom

Good to see you
After saying to the spirit “good to see you,” we could hear a name. Note – we were able to clean up this clip better from the second recording source – original was posted previously.

      2. 8_attic_bigroom

Another Name
After asking what they are sorry about, we could hear what sounded like another name.

      3. 12_attic_bigroom

Yet Another Name
After asking if the spirit was a Ford or Chevy man, we could hear the name of the researcher asking the question.

      4. 13_attic_bigroom

Wrapping Up
After saying that we were going to wrap up the current EVP session, there was a response.

      5. 14_attic_bigroom

After asking how many kids, we could hear another name.  After asking again, we heard the same name a second time. During the original investigation, the medium was able to pick up on a name that was extremely similar. Note: this clip has some of the blank audio removed.

      6. 15_attic_bigroom

Yet Another Name
We were able to hear another name.

      7. 16_attic_bigroom

IT Room

Why are you here?
After asking why they were here, we could hear something that was hard to distinguish.

      8. 17_it

Even more names
While talking to the spirit trying to figure their height, we could hear a name underneath the questioner’s voice.

      9. 18_it

Live around here
When asking if the spirit lived around here, we could hear a response.

      10. 19_it

Book Room (right of front entrance)

Green Lights
After asking if the spirit could see the green lights, we heard a response.

      11. 20_bookroom


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