MURDER & MANIPUATION? Summary from Baltimore MD, Part 3

The group went to a home in Baltimore, Maryland, where the entire family had been experiencing phenomena for some time. This is Part 3 of the story about what occurred during our visit, based on our readings, observations and experiences. Recommended reading: Part 1 and Part 2.

Finally, we made it back to the master bedroom. All that was left was Alfred. I said, “Hi, Alfred.”

What time is it?

He wanted to know as he did not want to be late for his class.  I asked him if he was having problems remembering things, and he told Crystal, “No – I’m a professor.” I then asked what year it was – and he was unable to remember.

I asked if it was okay to ask him some questions – he indicated that he was late, so we told him we would make it quick. This time, Sara did the asking. As we weren’t sure if he aware of his death, she phrased the questions in the present.

What is your name? Alexander Jackson.

He was now referring to himself as Alexander.

Why are you here? I’m reading a book, preparing for class.
What book? Chronicles of [word unclear]
Is this your house? Yes.
Are you married? No.
Do you have any children? No.
What do you do for work? Professor, Ancient Literature, Archaeology.
Are you a full time professor? Part time.
Ever want to go on an archaeological dig? Too old.
Are you happy right now? Yes.
What makes you happy? My students.
Do you know what year it is? 1996.
Do you know where you are? My house. Yes!
What year were you born? 1920.
When is your birthday? December 17.
Where did you grow up? Oregon.
Are you religious? No.

Sara asked him if he had an explanation why we would come into his house and ask these questions. Speaking through Crystal, he said, “You explain.”

“What would your response be if we told you that you weren’t alive?”

I already know that. I’m not stupid.

This seemed like a good time to talk about going through the light. But what would compel him to leave the house and return to the spirit world?

Sara made the offer of helping him move to a place where he could read as much as he wanted, completely undisturbed. He replied to Crystal that he heard us talking earlier and knew what we were planning –and that Jacob was gone.

Sara then asked him if he wanted to go to the same place.

No! He’s in hell!

She asked if he would rather go to a better place, and told him that his aches and pains would go away. He would also see people that he missed. He then told Crystal that he had already seen a bright light – it was in the bathroom over the bathtub.

Alexander then mentioned the name Emma.

Crystal said that this was someone he cared deeply about. They were engaged to be married, but had broken up before tying the knot. His words to Crystal were, “I miss her so.”

He has a halo over his head.


He was referring to the client’s cat, who had just entered the room. He called him “angel cat,” as Crystal had called him earlier.

Alexander wanted to know more about the light – he told Crystal that he had been studying about the topic, but wasn’t able to find the answers he was looking for. He was aware that he had passed a long time ago, but wanted to learn more before moving through it. I explained to him how I understood it, and how he would be revitalized – his memories would return, he would meet his spirit guides, and he would be reunited with his soul group. Not to mention seeing Emma again.

That was enough to convince him.

The group led Alexander into the bathroom, and asked him to start calling for Emma. Crystal heard, “Alexander, what happened to you? We’ve been waiting for you for so long!”

Two minutes later, he was gone.

– – –

Just before leaving the client’s house, I walked upstairs and into the child’s room. The cat was asleep on the bed.


Before the investigation

When this case came in, the client was very frightened  – the client’s mother called first with her concerns about her granddaughter, the family and the strange phenomena occurring in the house.

Since moving to an upstairs bedroom 12 months ago, the daughter told her mother that she had been talking to a spirit, who she referred to as “Emily.”

  • The mother reported the following to GHPS:
  • Electronic toys were turning on by themselves
  • She felt drawn back to the house when leaving for long periods of time
  • The previous tenants in home did not stay for long
  • The phenomena became worse after child’s room was remodeled

The child reported this to her parents:

  • Emily would try to get her to jump out of a window
  • Emily told her that she wanted to hurt her parents.
  • She felt she needed to stay home and protect her mother and father.
  • Had seen a white light image outside of her window (the client’s husband also reported seeing the same light)
  • Had recently has been seeing shadows, and warned her father. (he had also seen the shadows and did not tell the daughter)

The client’s husband reported:

  • The daughter’s toy box flipped over and the top flew off on its own (client’s mother-in-law was on the phone at the time and heard the noise from the box)
  • The family came home to find all of the daughter’s stuffed animals stacked in a pyramid shape on the living room floor.
  • The daughter’s room found in complete disarray after leaving it clean before leaving the house.
  • A book flew out of a closet and hit him.
  • Feelings of being touched
  • Feelings of something tugging at his shirt.
  • Witnessed the shadow of a child, no more than five feet tall.
  • He was having feelings of anxiety, paranoia, confusion and gloominess when in the house (these feelings would go away once he left).

Other unexplained events included the following: the cat in the household (who Crystal referred to as “Angel Cat”) would “freak out” for no apparent reason; the cat’s hair would stand on end at times without any observable explanation; the client’s elderly father, rarely if ever, would come out of the finished basement since moving into the house.

In trying to get some answers and help her family, the client visited a psychic. She was told she needed to have her house blessed, and to watch out for her daughter near windows. She was also told that there was an entity in the house, and the daughter kept coming up during her reading. The client also tried to get Emily to leave; the child continued to hear the spirit afterward.

After the investigation

As of two weeks later, the client has reported that the overall feeling of the home is much lighter. Her daughter told the client the following:

  • Emily is in heaven now with her mommy, and the bad man and the wolf are gone.
  • Emily can’t be a boy anymore – and can’t be mean to mom either.
  • With Emily being gone she doesn’t have to be afraid anymore.
  • Referred to their cat as “Angel Cat.”

The client’s father is now leaving the finished basement regularly, and is already becoming much more active inside and outside of the home.

The cat has “freaked out” once or twice, but only toward the attic door. When Crystal and I passed Jacob through, we discovered another spirit in the adjoining unit. He may have decided to “check things out” in the attic of the client’s home, and therefore the cat reacted.

And, the cat is now sleeping with the child every night.

We are still reviewing evidence, and will post the results when completed.

Group Photo
L-R: Julie, Crystal, Michael, Sara, Darlene


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Michael has been interested in the paranormal for many years, and likes to write. Sometimes he even reads.

6 thoughts on “MURDER & MANIPUATION? Summary from Baltimore MD, Part 3

  1. My family has battled for over a year contiplating on what we should do as far as our paranormal experience in our home. We bought our home July 2007 and thought it is small and we would put some work into it and sell and move closer to our dream of owning a single family home. It was a start! We never thought we would experience what we have in the past year. It has been very tiring and hard to say the least. You want to think it is not real your just tired and maybe your mind is playing tricks on you any excuse you could not to face reality that you may have un wanted company who are stuck. My biggest thing was to protect my 3 year old child. She is so innocent and the things she would come up with just was not coming from my daughter. I think the breaking point was the toy chest flying across the room. If you could just put yourself there for a moment you are overwhelmed with fear,disbelief and pretty much what the hell are we going to do. Contacting GHPS was the best move we could have made. I almost stopped it out of fear of the unknown. Having these folks come in made this very real for all of us. Yes, I have seen a change in my family and the overall atmosphere. My daughter did not know they were coming in she had a overnight with her grandparents and she came right in went to her room and first thing out of her mouth was Emily is in Heaven with her mommy she cant be a boy or a wolf anymore. That hit hard! The spirit in her room was minpulating her he was actually a man who changed form into a little girl who she called emily. For her to come in and tell us she was gone gave us total relief although I was 100% that he had crossed over. It just seemed to easy he has made our life a living hell for over a year and confused the hell out of my daughter and just to leave so quickly I wasnt sold. I will say Isabella has changed she still keeps her bibles close and she doesnt like the nursery Mary Had a Little Lamb he used to sing that to her. My daughter is a very smart almost 4 year old and she stood strong to this spirit he didnt like that. My husband and I both feel better in the home. The tention used to be so thick you could cut it with a knife. To the skeptics out there please know this is very real these spirits are lost and the work GHPS does helps families like us. If I wasnt here to actually see what took place I wouldnt have believed it myself. Crystal and Micheal find what is holding these spirits back from crossing over and then go so strongly in making sure they are crossed. I will never understood why us? Why this home or the connection. Yes the name connection one spirit was looking for Isabella and the other Emma and my daughters name is Isabella Emma. I think being a young child she was a easy target but I wasnt going to allow anything take over my childs mind. When the spirit Jacob demanded the other bible be taking out of the room I was floored we had no clue she hid one under her bed. We all searched that room and even told him there was no more he knew it was there when it was found he started to talk. I am happy to say both bibles stay in her room if that is what makes her comfortable so be it. I am just happy this crew took the time to drive 5 states come to Maryland and help our family get through this hard confusing fearful time in our life. I feel we can move forward in a positive light. Of course I still feel a little on edge and that is to be expected after all we experienced. I think when you have a spirit in limbo who cant cross over they can make your life a living hell to be heard. I am extremely thankful to the entire team and a strong tight team it is. These people came in and I felt instant comfort. They were tired, cold and hungry and they were on a mission to rid my home of whatever was here. I am a believer and I think in having GHPS come into our home was a wonderful experience. I would do it again. I think these people are GREAT. They took their time to come here and rid my home of these spirits. Yes reality hit this is real I am not crazy and now we move forward. Forever Thankful to Sara ,Julie, MIcheal, Darlene & Crystal. You all worked so hard and we appreciate you. If you are reading this and having some experiences in your home call these people rid your life of the fear and tention. I saw my daughter changing in a negative way, talking about things she shouldnt know about and it hurt. I couldnt fight this myself so I sought out help who could and we have NO regrets.

  2. I am very close to this family. I have baby sat their daughter since she was a newborn and my experiences in this house were very eerie. While Izzy takes her naps I used to feel that the atmosphere in the home had turned very hostile and that I was only safe while she was awake. I have also witnessed her talking to “Emma” or “Emily” when she was first learning to talk she would babble on her toy phone to Emily. And even as she turned 3 she would still talk to her, I thought it was her imaginary friend, until she started to say very creepy things that Emily told her to do/say. Thank you so much for helping, I no longer feel uncomfortable in their lovely home I have noticed a dramatic change in the whole family, but especially Izzy.

  3. Thanks for the kind words, and you’re welcome! I’m just glad that we were able to help the family, especially Izzy.

  4. I was curious if this was the same story that aired on Paranormal Witness on SyFy. There is only about 15% similarities in these stories.

  5. Hi Stacy – it is the same family, but I’m not sure about what was in the show, as I never watched it.

  6. Stacy I saw the same episode on paranormal witnesses and yes it was the same family. I actually know them.

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