Deep River Public Library, Deep River, CT

The group visited Deep River Public Library on July 24, 2010, in Deep River, CT where numerous types of unexplainable phenomena had been reported. This is what we discovered during our visit, based on readings, observations and experiences. The medium had no prior knowledge of any of the spirits in the building.


Just the facts ma’am.

Well, facts as interpreted by a medium, and with a spirit’s ability to relay them.

By request, we visited the Deep River Public Library in Deep River, Connecticut. This library, built in 1881, was privately-owned by Richard Spenser and remained in the family for many years. Several people had died in the house, and was vacant at the time it was sold to the library association in 1933 for $10,000. It has been a library ever since.

Over the years, many paranormal incidents have been reported, including doors slamming, voices, apparitions, feelings of being watched and electronic devices acting erratically. We went to confirm what had previously been reported by employees and other paranormal groups. This is what we found.

Spirits and Locations


a)   One spirit, male, moving back and forth between room on the left and the adjoining room
b)   One spirit, unknown gender, small, possibly huddled

Second Floor:

a)   Spirit in lunch room, right-hand corner of room, moving occasionally to the left
b)   Spirit to right of air conditioner in large book storage room, stayed in same location while observing
c)   Spirit moving between b) and center/right of room

Stair landing between first and second floor:

a)    Female spirit, standing in corner in front of directional sign

First floor:

a)    Male spirit, in room with computer network equipment. Very active (spirit attempted to push me out of room after entering)
b)    Female spirit, repeatedly moving between bookracks in center of room and a wall bookcase. General impression was that she was stuck in a loop.
c)    Female spirit, very young and distressed, lying on bench in main library area.
d)   Spirit, possibly male, standing behind chair in sitting room
e)    Spirit, also possibly male, to right of main book area behind front desk
f)     Spirit in librarian’s office, unknown gender, low energy
g)    Spirit in rear of main book area, in corner to the left


a)    One spirit, possibly male, moving from room to room. General impression was that he felt it was his domain, and only his.

EVP sessions – medium interpretations

We held three EVP sessions in order to capture audio anomalies and/or physical spirit communication. We also use this for the medium to hear what they can. Below is what the medium was able to interpret. Questions are in italic.

1)   Attic, Spirit A

Name: Sal or Dave
Why are you here? Saving (unclear); “save me” came later in the session
Are you waiting for something or someone? Yes
Did you live here? Yes
Were you married? Jean or Jeanette
Kids? 3
Names? April, Leo
What did you do for work?
Are you sad or lonely? Please…
Do you know what year it is? ‘86
Do you know where you are? No
What year were you born? ‘32
Your Birthday? January
Where did you grow up? El, En (unclear; possibly Ellington, Essex?)
How did you pass? Hurt – fell.
Were you religious? ?

What did you mean by “saving”?
Save me
What do you want to be saved from?
The others
Who are the others?
Are they people like you that are the library?
Are you okay with us asking you these questions? Why?
Anything else you want to tell us? Help me

Other words that came up during the session: Help, Easter. At the end, I was hearing “save me,” over and over.

2)   First Floor, Spirit A:

What is you name? Go away!
Why are you here? Go away!
Are you waiting for something? Get the f*** out
What year were you born? ’66, ‘82
What are your initials? J.E.
Are you waiting for something? No
How did you pass? What?
Are you trying to communicate the radio? No

Other words/phrases that came up: I don’t care, James (or possibly Jacob), my place, my place, piss off.

When we returned to talk with James a second time, it seemed as if he was starting to calm down and was becoming sad. At the end of the evening, I went back to tell him that we had passed El through. I was able to track him leaving the room and returning; I believe this was why he felt he could not leave – he felt he had to protect her.

3)   First Floor, Spirit B

What is your name? Amanda
Why are you here? Put books away
Did you used to work here a long time ago? Still do
Are you waiting for something or someone? No
Did you live here? No (impression was that she felt it was a silly question)
Do you know who James is? Who?
Are you married? Yes
What’s your husband’s name? Frank
Do you know your last name? Cochran or similar-sounding?
Are you sad or lonely? No
Do you drive a car? No?
Do you know what year it is? (ended in 2)
Do you know where you are? ?
What town? Hebron or something similar?
Did you work at the library in Hebron? Still does
Do you know any of the other workers here?
Do they do a good job?
Not exactly.
Do you know the workers’ names?
Joe, Allison, Amy?
Do you know any of the women’s’ names that work here?
Do you like the kids? Yes
Do you know Ann?
Do you ever go to storytime? ?
Do you just stay in this room?
Are you at work right now?
In Hebron?
Family have lots of money?
Why did you need money?
To eat
Did you take care of children?

In trying to determine where she worked, it felt as if she was confused and was unable to get a clear answer. Initially, I believed it was Hebron or something than began with “H;” later I was hearing it began with “C.” I also had the impression that she liked letting the kids have fun. She asked why we were asking her these questions; I believe that she was not aware that she had passed. Her focus was simply on storing books, over and over again.

4)   First Floor, Spirit C:

What is your name? E or El (possibly Edith or Eleanor?)
Can we call you Eleanor? OK
Why are you here?
Waiting for mother
Does anyone scare you besides James? Not really, but sometimes
Why does he scare you? He’s mean
He’s mean? What does he do?
Tells me things
Does he want you to go somewhere?
Do you want to leave here?
Are you sad?
Are you lonely?
How old are you? 6 or 8
Do you know what year it is? ‘23
What was your favorite cartoon?
What was your favorite place to go?
Was this a library when you used to come here? Yes
What’s your favorite game? Pl something (may be play house)
Like to cook? No

I was picking up on an image of her in a blue dress or coat with white trim, and a blue hat with a white ball on top. I believe we were able to pass El through the light – the light she passed through was fairly weak. It did not appear that she was still in the alcove when we checked afterwards and when I checked before leaving for the evening.

In a later post, we will go over the details in what has been reported, share any physical evidence, and see what correlates to what we discovered.

For more information on the Deep River Public Library, you can visit their web site. And don’t forget to support your local library!


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