MURDER MOST HAUNTED II – Wallingford, CT Summary


We had no idea what we would find when we went to this park in Wallingford. As it turned out, something very bad happened to a spirit that prevented her from leaving – murder. This is the story of what occurred during our visit, based on our readings, observations and experiences.

Elizabeth was waiting for us.

Darlene and I left the car after Crystal arrived, and the three of us walked toward the rear of the park. A small group this time, we were there to determine if there were any spirits in the area, possibly in need of our help.

We were right.

We were led to an area overlooking a small lake, with a beach on the other side. It was the beach where Elizabeth was trying to lead us. I asked for her name, and she introduced herself. She told Crystal that 20 or 30 spirits were in this park, for reasons unknown.

We needed to get to the beach but the lake was in the way. We haven’t quite mastered walking across water, so we had to find a way around it. I kept being pointed toward the right, but Darlene suggested we go left to walk around the lake. As we arrived at the beach after following Darlene’s lead, I looked to see if anything was in the immediate area – and was pointed to a small wooded area on a hill. But it wasn’t where Elizabeth wanted us to be.

Just another random ghost.

Elizabeth led us up a hill and down several paths. After a few left and right turns, I stopped. We were there.

And so was Mandy, crouched down next to a tree.

Elizabeth filled us in – Mandy, a seventeen-year-old girl, had been raped and murdered and wanted to find her father. She did not think she was dead. Elizabeth told Crystal that the reason she brought us to her was that it was upsetting to see her, bruised and bloody. Mandy was just lying there, crying.

Mandy asked Crystal who we were. We introduced ourselves, and assured her we were there to help her. I told her that we would also do our best to reunite her with her father. Darlene started asking questions to make it easier for us to help.

What is your name? Mandy.
Why are you here? Waiting for dad to come back.
Are there any others here? Yes.
Do you want to stay here? No.
Are you angry? Yes.
Are you hurting right now? Yes.

Darlene went on to get more details.

Why are you angry? Man hurt her.
Do you know who? No – man came out of nowhere.

Crystal told us that she could see blood on her head.

Do you see any bright light? No.
Your mom’s name? Tabitha.
Do you want to see your grandparents? Don’t care.
Do you have any sisters or brothers? Don’t know.

Crystal told us to ask again.

Do you have any sisters or brothers? Sister Joanne.
Younger or older? Younger.
Where are you from? Newington.

We needed for her to get up. I told her she had the ability to heal herself, and she could use my energy to help with that process. I kneeled down and moved my hand toward where I could sense her, and asked her to hold it and close her eyes. Having her focus on healing, I told her that when she opened her eyes, she would feel better.

It worked – Crystal could see that she wasn’t bleeding anymore.

However, she was still on the ground.

For ten minutes, Darlene, Crystal and I tried to convince her to get up. Her wounds appeared to be healed, but she was still upset and wouldn’t move. Crystal told her that her dad was waiting for her, and that she had the energy to get up. But we just weren’t able to get her to her feet. Feeling frustrated, we considered telling her we were leaving, and hopefully she would follow – but that didn’t feel right. Instead, I told Mandy that we would let her be for a bit.

About 30 seconds later, she got up.

The three of us left, with Elizabeth and Mandy – in the wrong direction. I was directed away from the beach area where Elizabeth knew the light was, but she might have been trying to take us to someone else. We would leave that for another day.

We turned around and made the trek back to the beach area.

– – –

Following Elizabeth, we were led to a open-air building with half height walls, containing a picnic table and a full height wall in the rear of the building. Crystal and I attempted to locate the exact location of the light. We checked the full height wall, but we were having difficulties determining if it was the correct location. Finally, Crystal was able to feel the energy through an opening above one of the short walls. We were set.

We asked Mandy to approach the light, and asked her to call for her dad. She started looking into it, and was able to see people in the distance – a lot of people. She called out to her father, but still didn’t see anyone approaching. Darlene asked Elizabeth to help Mandy, by standing near the light with her – but Elizabeth was too afraid she would accidently pass through and did not want to take that chance.

Mandy continued to call for her father – Patrick – and she soon saw him coming – holding hands with her grandmother. She recognized them both, and Mandy asked them for help. Crystal could see her hugging her grandmother and grandfather, and could also see her smiling.

And then she left.

Darlene asked Elizabeth if there was anyone else that wanted to leave, while we were there. Crystal told us that Elizabeth didn’t think any of the spirits in the park would believe her, but we asked her to try anyway, just in case. Elizabeth herself would not leave – she felt she needed to watch over those spirits remaining in the park.

Elizabeth left to find anyone else who wanted to go, and both Crystal and I sensed her over at the beach simultaneously.

We took pictures while we waited for her to return.

– – –

Elizabeth returned with five additional spirits. I yelled out, “Roll Call!”

Crystal named the following spirits:

1)    Thomas
2)    Kendrick
3)    Old man who couldn’t remember his name
4)    Florence
5)    Aliza

I told the group of spirits that they could all come up to the light and take a look, and asked Elizabeth if she had explained to them how it worked. Crystal told us she had, but only briefly. One of the spirits told Crystal that they were sick of being there and wanted to leave. I told them that that it was as simple as walking through the light. Crystal responded with “It’s that easy?”

Yep, it was that easy.

Crystal could see two of them already sticking their hands into the light. I asked them how it felt, and one of them jumped in immediately – Kendrick – and was quickly followed by Thomas.

That left the nameless man (Number Three), Florence and Aliza.

We worked with Florence first – and asked her for her husband’s name. His name was Benny, and we asked her to call for him. He appeared to Florence almost immediately, and in a blink she was gone too.

Next, we started talking to Aliza. Crystal could see her standing there, watching the whole thing and smoking a cigarette. She appeared to Crystal to be rather low-key. We let her finish her smoke, and moved onto Number Three.

Crystal could see Number Three, standing there with a cane, in front of the light. I told him that he could feel better if he put his hand into it. He did, and told Crystal that it did in fact make him feel better.

And several seconds later, he was gone. Four down, one to go.

By this time, Aliza had finished her cigarette. We started to ask her some questions about herself, to gauge how we could best help her. Crystal said she seemed to have a bit of an edge, and had run away from home at 15 years old. She told Crystal that she thought her current age was 22, and had no idea why she was in the park. She also said that she was from Wallingford.

And that it sucked being there.

She was bored, and was tired of hanging around all the old people that were in the park with her. She really wanted to leave, but was hesitant.

She told Crystal that she missed her friends – but still wouldn’t go through, and lit another cigarette. Eventually she made her way to the light to look in, and finally saw her dad. Crystal could hear her tell him that she missed him.

Then she left too.

– – –

Elizabeth had been standing back, watching the others go through. She was still insistent on staying, as she had to continue protecting the others still in the park. We left her with the thought that she could help any of the others through if they wanted to go, and she thanked us for helping with Mandy. She told Crystal she would leave when all of the others were gone.

And so we left the park, maybe to come back another day.

Crystal, Michael and Darlene


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  1. Yes, what park are you talking about with a beach? What time period were these spirits from and any last names?

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